10 High-Protein Foods You Should Always Keep In Your Kitchen

10 High-Protein Foods For Women
10 High-Protein Foods For Women

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For anyone out there who is looking to gain some weight, then the one thing that you need to have in your diet is protein. There are so many gyms that would suggest that you buy those large containers of whey protein for your daily intake of this nutrient, but trust us when we say this, you can always not go that way and opt to instead keep your fridge stacked with these high protein food items.

Protein is a macronutrient that is needed to build muscle mass in the body. When the body breaks down the protein that you take in, it helps in building metabolism and fuels the muscle mass. So without any further ado, find out what you can include in your diet to build up that muscle mass in your body.

Peanut Butter

For every two spoonful’s of peanut butter your body gets 7.7. grams of protein and 188 calories. Here’s the thing, peanut butter is not only delicious but it also elevates the taste of your everyday toast and meets 15 per cent of your everyday protein requirement.

You can also add this to smoothies or mix it up with some fruit, because this versatile nut butter compliments a lot of things.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are high in protein and low in cholesterol and contain 3.6 grams of protein along with 16 calories, so this is perfect for someone who is trying to lose some weight as well since the fat content is so low.

Egg whites also give your body essential amino acids and energy which is probably why adults are advised to eat one egg white every day. You can add this protein in your diet by making egg white omelettes for your breakfast or boiling the egg and add just the whites of it to your salad.


Tofu is basically paneer that is made out of soy milk, which makes it healthier because of its low fat content and can be eaten by those who are lactose intolerant as well.

A quarter of a block of tofu contains 12.8 grams of protein along with 117 calories. For those of us who are vegetarian, tofu is a great alternative for meat and can be easily incorporated into your everyday meals.

Also, just like every other soy product, even tofu helps in reducing heart disease by lowering the bad cholesterol in the body.

Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt meets 22 per cent of your everyday protein needs because it has 11 grams of protein and 130 calories. Furthermore, it also has calcium and vitamin B12 which are needed for healthy bones and the formation of red blood cells and brain functioning respectively.

You can add this in your diet by simply having a cup of it after dinner for your dessert.

Soy Milk

A cup of soy milk contains 8 grams of protein and 131 calories. Soy milk is a good option for those of you who are either lactose intolerant or are vegan. Add this in your diet by substituting your regular milk with this one.


If you are someone who doesn’t eat this for religious reasons then avoid, but for those of us who don’t mind indulging in the occasional steak, know this that 28 grams of ground beef contains 7.6 grams of protein which meets fifteen per cent of your daily requirement.

Beef is rich in amino acids which help protect and build your muscles and depending on the cut of the meat, the fat content is also very high for this particular protein. We wouldn’t recommend eating a full steak every day, but you can always add chunks of roast beef into your salad every now and then to include this protein into your diet.

Chicken Breast

Half a chicken breast contains 28 grams of protein and depending on the way you cook it, you can control the number of calories that you intake with it. A lot of people prefer poaching a chicken breast or baking it in the oven with a bit of olive oil and eating it with a large side of greens.


One small sized sardine has 3 grams of protein and around 25 calories. Sardines come under the category of an “oily fish” because of its high content of omega-3 fatty acids which reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You can cook up a mild curry based dish of this fish to include it in your diet.


Fishes in general have omega-3 fatty acids, whose benefits you have already read by now. Tilapia is known to contain 4.2 grams of protein and 27 calories. It also is a good course of calcium which not only strengthens your bones and teeth but also works along with potassium to enhance nervous system function.

Tilapia fish curry is a very common dish served around eastern parts of India and it is made using a mustard and coconut based curry, and which is how you can add it into your diet.


A cup of quinoa contains 24 grams of protein and 626 calories, which is a lot of protein and calorie for your everyday needs. Quinoa is known for having anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties, and it falls under the category of a super food now, being popularised by almost every diet guru on the internet.

You can boil up the quinoa seed and add some steamed veggies in it with some seasoning and turn it into a filling meal.

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