10 Absolutely Hot Sex Games You Need to Try With Your Partner

Hot Sex Games for Couples
Hot Sex Games for Couples

It is the 21st century and long gone are the day when people had sex just for procreation. Now, sex is an activity that not only brings two people close to one another but is also fun and exciting and can spice up any relationship, provided you are open to experimenting with it.

The concept of sex games is something that modern television has made popular for us, and honestly, I think there is something so enticing about this idea. So, for those of you who are wondering what it could be, here are some absolutely hot sex games that you can try out with your partner

Retail Therapy

Visit a lingerie store with your partner and let them get you one thing that they want to see you in, no questions asked. Give them a budget within which they should stay and don’t peak at what he gets for you until you both get back home, and watch his jaw drop as you walk around in his choice of fantasy lingerie.

X marks the spot

It is like guess the number but with a spot on your body. Think of a spot in your body and don’t tell your partner what it is. Have him kiss you everywhere until he guesses correctly. Although, it is up to you to tell him if he has guessed correctly or make him keep going.


You must have heard of the game beer pong. The basic rules are that you set up six plastic glasses on either end of the table in a V shape, and you each take turns to drop a ping-pong ball into one of the six cups of the other person.

Every time you drop the ball in a cup, the other person drinks the beer in that cup. Now turn this into a sex game where the cups are empty and every time someone scores a point, the other person will remove a piece of clothing of your choice, and whoever wins gets to ask for a sexual favor.

Role Playing

This is probably one of the most common ones out there. You and your partner decide a scenario which you two act out and in the end, it all culminates to you two having sex.

You can either act out a sex scene from a movie where you dress up as the characters in the scene, or you orchestrate a scene of your own and improvise as you go.

Pick a Card

Get yourselves a deck of playing cards and assign a particular activity for each suit. For example, Hearts means kissing, Diamonds represent a message, Clubs are for manual stimulation, and Spades are for oral.

The number on each card is the duration of time for which you need to do that act. So, if your partner picks the 6 of diamonds, he will give you a message for six seconds, and so on. You can decide the activity that each suit gets and whether the duration is for seconds or minutes.

Not So Fast

This game will entice your partner’s lust and test their knowledge of you as well. One of you stays in bed and the other stands at the door of the bedroom. You ask him questions about yourself, which can range from something kinky like what is your favorite position to something a bit personal.

Each correct answer lets him take a step forward toward you and each incorrect one he takes a step back. Once he answers enough questions to reach close enough to the bed, go at it.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

This is taking the game, spin the bottle to a whole another level because now you are adults. Set the kitchen or oven timer to 7 minutes and in that time, have a torrid quickie but in a place that is small for the two of you and dark as well. The time limit will make it exciting and the shortage of space will make it only hotter.

Dare or Dare

Play a game of truth or dare, but with only dares. Try to think up as many raunchy and kinky dares as you possibly can, for each other to make this game as hot as possible. Some examples of dares could be- ask him to kiss you without touching you, perform a striptease for you or give you a lap dance, and so on.

Mirror Game

Sit naked in front of each other on the bed. One of you starts touching, licking, or kissing a part of the other person and they mirror that same action in that same part on the other’s body. This is a great way to show your partner how you like to be touched and honestly it is hot as hell.

Blind Mystery

Blindfold your partner and tie up their hands while they lie down on the bed. Entice them and heighten their longing for you by taking your time and kissing every inch of their naked body.

Because of the blindfold, they won’t be able to tell where the next kiss is going to fall and it is going to drive them nuts until you let them go and have their way with you.

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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