Fashion & Style Tips for Girls with Big Bust, Breasts aka Boobs

“Fashion & Style Tips for Busty Girls with Big Breasts aka Boobs” is locked Fashion & Style Tips for Busty Girls with Big Breasts aka Boobs
“Fashion & Style Tips for Busty Girls with Big Breasts aka Boobs” is locked Fashion & Style Tips for Busty Girls with Big Breasts aka Boobs

Here are some fashion tips for women with bigger breasts.

When it comes to style tips for girls with big breasts, one should have a proper understanding of what works on their body shape. Some women think bigger breast as a gift, while some of them consider them as a curse. Big or small, it’s all about accepting your body shape and choosing the fashion style that embraces your body.

That Wrap Dress

The main issue faced by women with bigger breasts is that their boobies appear single in most of the dresses. To avoid this, go for that Wrap dress that perfectly separates the breasts and makes you feel less suffocated.

Wrap Dress
Wrap Dress
Wrap Dress for Big Breast Women
Wrap Dress for Big Breast Women

Dark Colors for The Rescue

Ever thought, how your legs appear more slender in those black jeans? Dark colored dress offers a slimming effect than light colored dresses. As a result, wearing black or any dark colored clothing on your upper half can make your breasts look smaller. To enhance the style choose light colored outfits for your lower half.

Dark colored dress for girls with big breast
Dark colored dress for girls with big breast

Layer & Cover It Smart

For women with bigger breasts, while shopping, you have to buy outfits that accommodate your large bust. If you’ve got a dress that is slightly loose, layer it up with a smart waistline jacket or collared shirt with a knot at the waist line, to get that cropped effect. Scarves that come in versatile styles are handy for these beauties to cover up a too revealing top.

The Right Bra

You are a really lucky woman if you have found your perfectly fitted bra because it is essential for aesthetic as well as functional purpose. The right bra will not only enhance the appearance of your breasts but also provide better support and accentuate your rest of the clothing. On the styling side, opt for a thicker strap over that spaghetti straps that exaggerate the appearance of your bust.

Do’s and Don’ts For Fabric

Most women don’t pay attention to fabrics while shopping, however, these are actually very important.  Certain fabrics like velvet and satin can flatter those large breasts, so look for some soft fabrics like cotton or cashmere. This should be considered in the case of those knits; chunky knits will make you bulkier than the finer one. Also, while choosing clothes with stripes, horizontal stripes will be a great disaster. It could make your breasts look wider, but vertical & diagonal stripes just do the opposite.

Some Stitching Tricks

For big-busted beauties, while shopping you may not get the dress that correctly fits. Why buying those ill-fitted clothes and never wear them? When you can get them tailored and make your curves fit. If you have decided to try stitching, you need to consider a few more things. The high or round neckline will give the effect of single boob, so go for those scoops or V- necklines. Similarly, the length of your sleeve can make a great difference, opt full or quarter sleeves that can slim the appearance of your bust.

Less or No Embellishments

Heavy embellishment around chest area will do no favors to your bigger bust. Instead, choose dresses with No or minimal embellishment. This will not only accentuate the appearance of your breast, but also reduces those boobs sweat.

Balance with Accessories

Long necklaces look awkward for big-busted beauties. Try wearing short chains or collar style necklaces. Also, when it comes to bags, choose a medium to large sized bag that could go along with your figure. Small or sling bags can further enhance the appearance of your breasts. Or even in some worst conditions, your upper half will end up looking like a percentage symbol.

These are some handy styling tips for those curvy divas. What’s your favorite fashion tip for women with bigger breasts?  Share with us.

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  1. I personally feel that more than the dress, it is important to find a good and comfortable bra that can handle the load with care and be a supportive friend.

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