Habits That Gynecologists Hate & Why You MUST Avoid Them

Habits That Gynecologists Hate & Why You MUST Avoid Them
Habits That Gynecologists Hate & Why You MUST Avoid Them

As we grow older, one of the things that we need to add in our list of “things to do” is visiting the gynecologist once every year in order to ensure that our sexual and reproductive health as well.

Using contraception to avoid pregnancy, setting up — and keeping— your annual appointment and truthfully talking to your doctor regarding your concerns are all very simple steps to take to care for your gynecological health. However, there are a few things that they want us to avoid, for the good of our reproductive health.

We all make these mistakes and it truly makes our OB/GYN angry, not because they are picky but because they want what’s best for us. Read on to know what those mistakes are and see if you make them as well.

If you answer “yes” to even one, then I think it is time to maybe mend your ways and move in the direction of a better sexual and reproductive life.


It means to introduce a stream of water into the body for hygiene purpose.

What a lot of women forget or rather are misled to believe is that our vagina is some dirty place that needs to be cleaned with harsh products and washes. When in reality, it self-cleans itself and knows what the right pH levels are, without the help of any vaginal washes and the sort.

So, the next time you see an ad for an intimate wash, resist from thinking about buying it or believing what the fake doctor in that advertisement tells you. Because if you wash your vagina too often, bacteria can fester there thinking that it is a safe environment.

Your vagina knows what its correct pH levels are, so it is best that you let it do its own thing.

Lying About Your Habits

Many women feel shy or uncomfortable to tell their GYN about their sexual practices and other habits like alcohol and smoking. What your GYN would like you to know is that they are not here to judge, just to treat you and give you the best advice for your situation.

Googling Symptoms

It is probably our first instinct, the moment we find something funky happening to us. We head over to WebMD and try to find out our problem from our symptoms.

However, in many cases, symptoms which may predict something like a yeast infection or UTI when checked on the internet, end up being something much more severe than that. It is therefore always best to visit a real doctor instead of the internet when you face any problems with your health because delay can cause problems which could have been otherwise circumvented.

Self-Treating an Infection

There are many conditions for which over the counter medication can be purchased for self-treating. However, this makes it difficult for the doctor to diagnose the actual issue. With an exception of women who have once already faced a yeast infection, it is always advised that when anything out of the ordinary happens with your vagina, you go to your GYN.

Not Using Contraceptives

Many women believe that using contraceptives will hamper their ability to bear children in the future because that is what their mother told them once ages ago.

The thing is ladies, science has moved a lot further than where it was during the times of your mother. Maybe contraceptives weren’t good back then, but now they are launched in the market after years of research and development. So, consult with your GYN and he/she will help you figure out the best contraceptives with regard to your lifestyle choice.

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