Interview with YouTuber Komal from MyHappinesz – Meet Girl Who Is Spreading Happinesz

YouTuber Komal from MyHappinesz
YouTuber Komal from MyHappinesz

Hello Komal,

This week we are connecting with Komal, she believe all problems of life can be solved by having tons of friends and lots of positivity around through Fun, Love, Chocolates, Beauty, Confidence, Style, Sharing, Advice and Lots and Lots of Gratitude. She is a YouTuber and runs her own online channel on YouTube, Myhappinesz. She says this is not just another Beauty Channel, it is more about adding The Jazz and Glitter to Life Through Smile and Millions of other stuff .

Meet Komal, she is renowned YouTuber and vlogger (video blogger) and her YouTube channel MyHappinesz has more than 140k subscribers and more than 2.3 crore video views. (WOW!!)

Thanks a ton for your time and interview to JustForHer. We are online women’s magazine and discussion forum. It is really nice to e-meet you. Through this interaction, we would like to understand more about you and your work. We just loved your YouTube channel and are more than happy to connect with you.


JustForHer: It’s a pleasure interviewing you Komal, tell us something about you. Where are you from, what is your education, family background and hobbies?

Komal: I am from Delhi, did my schooling from Queen Mary’s School and then my graduation from A.I.M Academy, Paris. My parents got divorced during my teens and since then me and my younger brother has been raised by our very strong, independent mother. I love to travel and just be out and about to any place. I also love to cook.

JustForHer: What is your typical day like?

Komal: I recently gave birth to a baby boy in April 2017, so my typical day really depends on his needs. I wake up by 6 in the morning to feed him, then I try to film a video for my main channel followed by cooking breakfast and lunch for my family and then my entire day goes into editing, handling my social medias and off course my baby boy gets most of my attention throughout the day.

JustForHer: Close to 1.5 lakh subscribers, that is awesome, do you remember your first subscriber? Which was your first video on YouTube?

Komal: My very first subscriber was my younger brother (hehehhe) My first video was 10 reasons to be happy.

JustForHer: Which is your most-viewed video? What prompted you to create that video? Do you aim for any particular number of video views or reach before you plan a video?

Komal: Most viewed video is “how to style heavy breast” Initiation of that video came up from my own experience of dealing with the same. When I plan my video my idea is to do something I relate to because then only I can genuinely create a good video. Projection of views keeps changing with the growth of the channel.

JustForHer: We love your videos, tell us more about the process through which a video goes before it is uploaded on YouTube. Do you have a team or you are one and only soul running this YT channel?

Komal: First step to any video is to create an idea with a pen and paper, then I list things required to film that video, whatever required is then shopped by me or if any brand has send me product I can use. I keep that in account, then I film the video which takes about 2-3 hours depending on the type of video. After that at least 4-5 hours goes into editing the video. When the video is final, it is then uploaded on the respective channel with the final touches of thumbnail, title etc. approximately 1-2 days takes in finalizing one video. so far, my team is me and my husband who handle a lot of my associations and also helps me in editing the videos.

JustForHer: Do you own a studio? Would you like to walk us through your infrastructure and technical capabilities?

Komal: I film at my home, in my kitchen, bathroom, storeroom basically wherever I can. I depend on natural light to film my videos. I do own artificial lights but I believe best results come from natural light.  I own 2 cameras one for my main channel and the other for my Vlog channel, along with that 2 microphones.

JustForHer: At what point, did you see vlogging as a possible career / business opportunity?

Komal: I started thinking about it as a career option after 1.5 years of making videos on YouTube.

Interview with YouTuber Komal, MyHappinesz
Interview with YouTuber Komal, MyHappinesz

JustForHer: How do you balance this with the commercial side of what you do?

Komal: I only promote stuff which I would share with my viewers even if it was not an association with the brand. Out of 10 brand deals only 1 becomes a collaboration due to the same reason.

JustForHer: When you didn’t like a product in a review. What’s your approach?

Komal: I have previously turned down work or returned the amount offered just because the product didn’t work for me. My authenticity is everything to me and that has never ever been compromised for commercials.

JustForHer: Do you really use all the products that you mention in your videos? Will you ever talk good things about a product for free samples or a world tour?

Komal: Like I mentioned above my authenticity is everything to me. I have a very ethical approach to work and thereby world tour will be done with the work done with full honestly. I use everything I show in my videos

JustForHer: Tell us more about earning opportunities through YouTube. Can one leave her full-time job and sustain with YouTube earnings?

Komal: It totally depends on personal needs when it comes to leaving a full-time job and surviving with YouTube earnings. It also depends on how many brand deals one does. As per my personal experience I do not make enough money to sustain only on YouTube earnings as my paid collaborations are less because I only promote stuff I would really buy even if not offered an association.

JustForHer: Your advice to budding vloggers? What to consider before starting a YT channel and how to make it a success?

Komal: Do not get into YouTube for money as in the starting one will hardly make any. Create videos with passion and no one will ever be able to replace what you do.

JustForHer: Are you married? How is your family supporting you?

Komal: I am married and also a new mommy now.. And of-course I could not do what I do without the support of my friend aka my husband and that is what I always wanted in a partner…. Equality.

JustForHer: What’s next for you?

Komal: Every day is a creation of ideas.. I am not the kind who plans future but yes I do intend to travel along with my viewers through my vlogs.

JustForHer: Your message to JFH readers?

Komal: This world needs more GIRL LOVE. Women should empower women. We need to stop being mean to each other and appreciate each other’s success.

Thank you Komal for your time. It was nice to have this conversation with you. We look forward to your next video.

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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  1. Simply love her… watching her videos everyday is like a ritual for me.i m so addicted to her. She’s having a golden heart … adore u komal…

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