Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Health Conscious Girls

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Health Conscious Girls
Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Health Conscious Girls

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During a busy morning, the primary thing comes into our mind is to skip breakfast from the list of priorities. After making the first mistake of not having breakfast, we end up with the second mistake that is even more dangerous, the unhealthy fast foods.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day; it is commonly termed as ‘the brain’s food’. It provides sufficient energy and is also a good source of nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamins, protein and fiber. Most working people used to the lifestyle that skips breakfast, even though they knew that it is not good.

If you are a working woman, the most probable excuse for you to skip breakfast will be “I don’t have time to cook”. So, today we present you some quick and healthy breakfast ideas that could easily stick to your busy schedule.


Oats is that super food you should definitely include in your diet regime. One cup of cooked oatmeal contains about four grams of fiber, 150 calories and six grams of protein. This will help you feel fuller for a long time and is super easy to cook. You can cook them with milk, water and add some fruits, almonds or honey to make it yummy. If you don’t like the taste of oats, you can go a desi-style and make oats idli, oats poha or dosa. Mix it with some cooked veggies like tomatoes, potatoes etc. and add some flavors and here come the spicy masala oats.

Scrambled or Boiled Eggs

Studies have shown that eating eggs at breakfast will assist weight loss.  It contains a good amount of protein along with vitamins, selenium, and minerals.  Scrambled or boiled eggs are the perfect breakfast meal that could make you feel fuller for a long time. This nutrient dense, high-protein food has been known to reduce the appetite and enhance fullness compared to the other foods containing less protein.


Nothing better than a fruit is a smart choice when you are running out of time. An apple, orange or banana will b e a great pick since these are fuss-free and requires less effort.  If you have some time to spare, then go for a fruit salad. A bowl full of chopped fruits (like apples, strawberries or bananas) clubbed with milk or honey is a healthier and quick breakfast. If you are a person who doesn’t like to have a bunch of fruits in morning, then you can blend them along with milk & ice and your wholesome morning meal is ready.


Yogurt is a great source of lean protein. There is nothing wrong in consuming the yogurt on its own, but you could some healthy flavors to spice it up. A bowl of plain, low-fat yogurt enhanced with your healthy favorite toppings like fresh or frozen berries or whole-grain cereals makes a good breakfast. With the right additions, this can be a super-bowl that is a mix of fat, protein, and fiber, which is both satiating and nutritious.


A sandwich where the brown bread slathered with some butter and layered with slices of tomatoes and boiled eggs is a tasty and healthy morning meal. This healthy breakfast comes together in 5 minutes and has plenty of protein eggs and fiber from the whole brown bread to keep you full all morning long.

Seize your morning with these quick and healthy breakfasts.  A healthy breakfast can kick-start your metabolism, by helping you burn the calories throughout the day. It also gives you the positive energy you need to get things done and helps you to focus at work. If you choose to miss out your morning meal, you might not be feeling as better as you could be.

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