How to Save Space and Other Smart Makeup Storage Ideas

Easy DIY Make up storage ideas
Easy DIY Make up storage ideas

Have you ever wondered if there was a better way of storing your makeup that just dumping a whole bunch of it in a drawer and then spend hours trying to dig through it, trying to find a product when you need to use it?

I may be lazy, but there is one thing I’m motivated about and that is storing things in an organised manner, so that in the future I know exactly where everything is. In this post, I will be sharing with you some really simple makeup storage methods that I personally use as well. They may seem high maintenance, but trust me, it is a onetime effort which will keep your things in order for the years to come.

Glass Jars for Brushes

If you have any old drinking glasses that have lost their look, use them for storing your makeup brushes. You can either spray paint them, paint some glue on them and throw over glitter on it, or wrap it up with some gift wrapping paper and give them a new look which will suit your dressing table.

Magnets for Shadows

If you own a lot of single eye shadows or many pieces of eye shadow quartets, to store them you can use a metal plate. All you need to do is stick magnet piece behind them and attach them to the metal plate. You can also decorate the plate in the way you would like and once it is ready, prop it up on the wall to save space but at the same time be able to see where exactly all your eye shadows are.

Shoe Organiser For Lip Products

Get yourself one of those transparent show organisers and hang it up on the wall next to your dressing table or better, on your bathroom door. In each of its pockets you can keep multiple makeup products. I think this is one of the best ways of saving space and if you want to store your makeup in a colour coded manner.

Clear Storage Containers

Instead of dumping each category of makeup into each drawer of your vanity, get some transparent storage containers, and in each of them put your makeup in, and then take this entire container and put it in your drawer. You should be able to fit at least 2 big sized containers and one small one in each of your drawers. This way your makeup will be kept in an organised manner and each time you want to use a product you can just take out the entire container, use what you want, and then put it back without disturbing the order.

Old Candles for Miscellaneous Things

The next time you buy scented candles, save the container it comes in when the wax runs out. Clean it out and then use it to store your miscellaneous makeup products in it. It is entirely up to you what you want to store in it, because at the end of the day it is your makeup and your storage.

So, this is it. These are some easy ways in which you can store your makeup in an organised manner and keep them from getting misplaced or forgotten. A lot of these things may probably be lying around your house and if not, you can purchase them because they have a very affordable price tag. Hope you have fun organizing.

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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