10 Things Every Fashionable and Modern Woman Should Have

10 Things Every Fashionable and Modern Woman Should Have
10 Things Every Fashionable and Modern Woman Should Have

Today, I wanted to share with you the ten things that I think every woman should own, which includes certain staples that you should have in your closet and some items that fit in other parts of your life.

Have you ever looked into your overflowing closet and wondered if only you knew what were the essentials, then you could perhaps clear out the rest of the junk?

As a neatness freak and light traveler, I have always wondered that, because I always want things to be in order, which is hard to achieve if you have too many things, and also so that if I ever needed to move to a new house, I could do it all by myself.

A Plain White T-Shirt

For all your casual Fridays and movie dates or last-minute plans. This over a pair of jeans with either sneakers or flats or high heels, takes your look from sloppy to well-dressed in minutes.

It is simple, yet it brings so much to the table. For this piece of clothing, we would recommend going to the affordable shop instead of to somewhere fancy and expensive.

Plain White T-shirt
Plain White T-shirt

A Well Fitted Pair of Jeans

You can call a pair of jeans well fitted, if it is just right around your hips, doesn’t feel like it is blocking the circulation in your thighs, and doesn’t give you a fake penis when you sit down.

You can get all this in a pair of jeans if you buy it from someplace good. Even if it is from a small boutique, make sure that they use the right kind of material and always wear the pair yourself before deciding.

Always in Fashion - Women's Jeans
Always in Fashion – Women’s Jeans

A Little Black Dress

I don’t recall who invented the LBD but all I can say is that they transformed the fashion world for us women. There is no one fixed design for a LBD, and nor is there any going wrong with it.

I think this piece of clothing is a savior for those occasions when you need to go some place fancy and you can’t decide what to wear so that you don’t look either too dressed up or sloppy.

Black Dress for Women
Black Dress for Women

A Foundation that Matches Your Skin

We have all been through the horror of wearing a wrong shade of foundation out in public. It is crucial, if you wear makeup, to ensure that your base is correct.

Therefore, next time do not buy your foundation online by guessing your shade from the options given. Instead go to the store and get yourself colour matched, and when that bottle runs out, buy the next one online.

You can also get colour matched for a few different brands of foundation at once, so that you have a few options the next time you buy your foundation.

A Signature Perfume

Good perfumes cost a lot of money, therefore it is essential that you try them out before making a final commitment.

What works better is if you can get some samples from the store, and make them last you for as long as you possibly can. This way you will know which perfume has a better formula, which one suits you, and which one lasts the longest.

I would suggest Elixir by Nina Ricci and Pleasures by Estee Lauder, because they last the longest and smell the sweetest.

A Pepper Spray

No matter where you live or how safe you think your city is, there is nothing wrong with being protected or prepared. Pepper sprays can be easily purchased online from sites like Amazon, they don’t cost a lot of money, but they ensure that in a daunting and life-threatening situation you can at least defend yourself long enough to escape to safety and do some damage to the attacker.

A Trench Coat

Even if it isn’t the signature Burberry trench, buy a good quality one that will not only make you look like Sherlock Holmes, but also keep you bone dry and warm during the winters.

Do not cut corners or skimp here, because a good quality trench will last you for many years, and till date have never gone out of style. Good places to look for this item is H&M, Marks and Spencer, and of course Burberry.

A Pair of Leather Boots

If it is genuine leather, then it will cost you a pretty sum, but just like the trench coat, it will last you for a long while.

I remember reading a short story when I was little, about a shoe maker, who used real leather to make boots, and his shoes lasted for many years. Years later, when I purchased my first pair of leather boots, I was hoping for the same thing to happen to me and so it did.

Those boots are still running strong. They are a statement piece during winters and a good pair will keep you warm and fashionable looking.

Statement Jewellery

Forget about that super expensive Harry Winston necklace, that’s not what I am talking about here. Junk jewellery that you buy from street shops and art fairs give you all the statement that you need.

Own a handful of these and rotate them around whenever you wear them. Not only are they cheap, but they add flare to your entire look.

A good Wrist Watch

My grandfather once told me that if you invest in something good, it will last you forever. I think that statement can go for anything in life, and not just tangible things.

I have always been a watch aficionado. I will do a lot of research before buying a watch and it pays off in the long run because that one watch will work for a really long time, with only battery changes required.

Therefore, if you still buy those cheap watches from the street or from unknown companies, I would suggest you stop doing that and maybe invest in one good wrist watch from a company like Fossil or Titan.

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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