7 Weird Women Nipple Things Those Are Actually Totally Normal

weird Women Nipple things
weird Women Nipple things

Have you ever looked down in the shower and noticed something unusual about your nipples? Like the small strands of hair growing around your nipples, or whether it looked darker or bigger. If yes, there is no need to freak out, because you are not alone!

Both men & women always get more worried when they find something different about their private parts like nipples. Because they often compare it with those ‘perfect’ ones of movie actors or celebrities or sometimes with their close friends. And even the silly matters like size, shape, color could bother them so much. But most of the time all those are common things faced by a lot of other people like you. So all you need to realize that everyone has nipples and they appear in different types.

As it turns out, there are a lot of weird normal things that can be found on your nipples. And when most of time they are harmless, some strange nipple irregularities can be a warning sign of severe health issues.  In order to help you relieve your worries, here we have listed some of the weird nipple things that are actually normal. Check it out.

Not The ‘Right’ Color

Your nipple might be darker than your normal skin tone or maybe a little lighter. Fear not! These are absolutely normal as they appear different in different people. There are nipples that are so pale such that you can actually see the blue veins on it or those in different shades of brown.

Just as the varieties of skin tones, these are simply natural varieties of nipple colors. But if you notice your nipples turning red without any cause of pressure, you should consult a doctor immediately as this could be a potential symptom of breast cancer or any other infections.

Hair Around Nipples

There is nothing more annoying, when on one side, you are trying to remove all the unwanted hairs from your body through some time-consuming or painful methods and on the other side your body is growing hairs in most unusual places, like around your nipples.

There is nothing wrong with your nips when it is surrounded by a few strands of hair because these are the result of hormone changes. If you find it gross, you can always get them removed and the best method is to use tweezers or an epilator.

Too Big Or Too Small

Worried about the size of your nipples? Are they too big or too small? Don’t stress it out, nipples come in different size and shape such as flat, puffy, protruding, etc.

Stop comparing yours with other ‘well-portrayed’ nipples you have seen somewhere else; As long as your nipples stayed same throughout your life, there is nothing to worry, you have gotta just work with what you’re blessed with.

One exception is for pregnant women, as the size of their nipples and the area around them appears more wider after delivery, there is nothing wrong in this.

Little Bumps Around Your Nipples

If you have little bumps around your nips, don’t fret! There is nothing abnormality in this, those are Montgomery’s glands, which are sebaceous glands that surrounds the nipple.

Fun fact is that according to studies these tiny bumps helps infants to find their way to nipples, because of its texture. These bumps also secrete oil and prevent your breast getting dry.

Discharge Coming Out Of Nipples

You might have noticed some discharge coming out of your nipples occasionally. It’s quite natural, since 20% women in their reproductive age experience similar nipple discharges, especially when it’s squeezed.

This can also happen even if you are not pregnant or breast-feeding since it can happen from the friction of clothes rubbing against your boobs. Moreover, this nip spillage is found in both male & female nipples. As far as it is painless or you don’t see a bloody or green fluid discharge, this is completely normal, other vise head to your doctor as soon as possible, because it could be signs of thyroid disease or breast cancer.

They Don’t Point Outwards

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ nipple. They come in all shapes and sizes, so chances are there they might come as inverted, which when the nipple point inwards instead of standing above the breast surface.

It is normal to have your nipples (or nipple) pointed inwards as long as it was always been like that; those aren’t as rare as you had thought! Call a doctor when you notice a sudden inversion, it could probably a sign of breast cancer.

You Have An Additional One

It wasn’t only Chandler Bing from FRIENDS, who have that extra nipple (The ‘Nubbin’ in his own language). Just because two nipples are more common, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have more! It is totally normal if you have got more than two nipples on your chest.

Researches shows that there was a 32 year old man with 7 nipples.

These extra nipples are called supernumerary or accessory nipples that develop during your embryonic period, which typically degenerates as the embryo grows, but for some people they persist, giving you that bonus nipple.

Whether your nipples have been proudly residing on your chest so far or not, what you might think as weird about your nipples could be probably normal. So relax ladies, like there are different ethnicities, the nipples also are in different types.

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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