Why You Need To Curb Teenage Pregnancies

Parents who don’t create awareness to their children will get it rough with their daughters.

Why You Need to Curb Teenage Pregnancies
Why You Need to Curb Teenage Pregnancies

This is a SPOILER, not a prediction!! Parents who don’t create awareness to their children will get it rough with their daughters.

Where’s the Problem…

With the rising use of technology and internet connectivity, the children are getting exposed to so many things through various social media platforms.

We’re failing as parents as we find that every kid, especially in urban areas, have smartphones, tablets or a laptop. I’m not condemning this, as it’s essential for their learning and to keep up with the digital migration. But, what I advocate for is to limit or monitor the sites their log into.

However, when we talk about teenage pregnancies, it’s both a family and societal problem. The age bracket is between ages 15-19 years. But some get as early as 12 years.

There are various reasons for the rising number of pregnancies. And here are the most common reasons behind.

Reasons Behind Teenage Pregnancies

Peer Pressure

During this stage of adolescence, teenagers are under pressure from their friends. And they want to fit in their groups and don’t want to lose them. They engage in sexual behaviors to appear cool, and the result is unwanted pregnancies.

Lack of Awareness

Many teenagers don’t know the dangers they’re exposed in. And as parents, we need to educate them about this. We’re not in the ancient generation when sex was seen as a taboo to speak about it openly.

Seat down with the children and share with them about your experiences and perhaps use an example from a close person who is suffering from the same.

Poverty Level

When teenagers are subjected to poverty, they will find a way out. And the only easy way out is to look for the so-called ‘sponsors’ who will just use them and pay peanuts.
Some parents in the third world countries, hand these teenagers for marriage in exchange for cows and goats which are regarded as a symbol of wealth.

Low Education Level

The rate of school dropouts is a contributor to teenage pregnancies. As they’re exposed to sexual behaviors at a tender age. They also lack knowledge about family planning measures if they have to engage in sex.

Sexual Abuse or Rape

This may happen around the people they are living with. Say, teachers, crazy parents, friends, and relatives. We should safeguard our children at all levels.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Teen Pregnancies?

  • Engage the teenagers in our conversation especially sexual related discussions.
  • Create awareness for them. Let them know the dangers of engaging in unsafe sex at this early age.
  • Helping the needy to access education. So that they can be empowered and to keep them engaged.

Can Teenage Pregnancies Affect Young Mothers?

The answer is YES! Young moms go through a lot and here are some of what they go through:

  • Stress level goes high.
  • Difficulty in bonding with your kid.
  • Some friends will run away, and you will no longer feel comfortable with your age-mates.
  • Low self-esteem. You start feeling worthless, and confidence goes down.
  • Suicidal thoughts. Thinking of harming yourself and your kid. It’s a sign of depression.
  • Early marriages. They have no choice because many cases they’re neglected, and when they get someone who cares, they’ll fall for them.


In some cases, the children born by young mothers also undergo some challenges. Like lack of finances, born underweight, and lack of father figure.

Therefore, each one of us has a role to play. For parents, we show the way by educating our children early enough. And to the children, learn to listen to your parents because if you don’t listen, the burden is yours after all and you have yourself to blame.

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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