Women's Ultimate Lingerie Guide

By Girlopedia

Women’s lingerie guide by Girlopedia is a trusted lingerie guide on internet. Has it ever happened that a question about women lingerie, your bra or underwear has flummoxed you? Or that you were in an awkward situation whilst purchasing your lingerie at the store? Well, never more.

Girlopedia has brought for you the Women’s Ultimate Guide to Lingerie. Curated by women for women, this guide will answer all your questions and queries regarding lingerie, and help you make a better purchasing decision about this oh so important piece of clothing, and trust me, by the time you are done reading it all, you will come out with a loaded arsenal of knowledge about lingerie and your bra game couldn’t have been more stronger.

Lingerie Guide

Women all over the world go through this phase in their lives where they shift from the simple camisole to the brassiere, and during this transition, we have many questions. With this Lingerie Guide, Girlopedia tries to bring an end to some of the most common questions that girls wonder when they first go to purchase a bra, and that women may sometimes wonder even though they have been wearing bras for many years now.

If you are someone who has been wearing bras for a while now, then you can understand the amount of questions that you wondered, but never truly got an answer for, about your lingerie. We wanted to introduce this one of a kind lingerie guide that can become anyone’s go to helper when it comes to questions about their lingerie and everything that come along with them. So instead of having to Google everything, you can just refer back to this friendly guide and get your doubts answered.

The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Lingerie

Starting from pieces on the different style of bras and panties that are sold to the way you should take care of them, this guide has something for everyone. Whether you just started wearing bras or you have been wearing them for many years now, I think you will find something here that would be useful to you and will help you out in the years to come. Whether it is a question about which brand of lingerie to go for from the multitude of options that are available to whether or not you need to spend that truck load of money on that expensive lace bra, this guide discusses it all.

So, don’t waste any more of your time going to multiple websites to find answers for your lingerie questions. Download this free Lingerie guide from Girlopedia and get all your questions answered in one place. We discuss everything in this guide and have just one aim in our minds when we were working on creating it and that was to make the world more informed about lingerie and make you understand that there is lot more to it than you may think. So, go ahead, download your free copy today.

Here’s what we’re covering in this free guide

Types of Panties

Types of Panties

Since underwear is also a clothing, it is kind of obvious that you will have more than one type of panties. There are so many different styles of underwear available for women now, and sometimes more choices can be a bit confusing.

If you ever take a look at the lingerie catalogue in the store, you will be able to know how many different styles of underwear are available for you, and that your simple bikini style is not the only one there. Now obviously, don’t expect things like the ones they show in the VS Fashion show, because they are not for everyday wear, but do be prepared to find some comfortable and interesting designs.

Read this guide to find out all about the different styles and kinds of panties that are sold in the market, both online and in retail.

Types of Bras

Types of Bra
If you just started wearing a bra then rejoice, because there is more to it than just the plain old sports bra. You can experiment with so many different styles, material, and design that it is so insane.

My personal favorites have always been the padded bras and the ones with a bit of intricate lace design, and I’m sure that by the time you are done reading this whole guide, even you will have a personal favorite or a style that you would want to try out. However, when you set all that aside, there are certain must-haves that you should definitely have in your lingerie drawer.

This guide will help you figure out which types of bra make those up.

Why Girls are Going Online to Buy Lingerie?

We girls prefer the ease that comes with online shopping over the unnecessary strain that comes with retail shopping (which makes you wonder why people still refer to it as “therapy”). And with the introduction of all these new online shopping sites that sell lingerie, why wouldn’t you want to go there and get some good deals for yourself.

From offering thousands of brands like Jockey to Enamor, discounts, and designs starting from the simple beginner’s bra to a full on push up bra, online shopping for lingerie has become the new thing in town. Check out this guide to know more about why girls are going online to buy lingerie.

Websites to Buy Lingerie Online

Websites to Buy Lingerie Online

You might think, doesn’t Amazon sell everything? Well they do, but being a jack of all trades and a master of none means your lingerie needs are not met to the fullest potential. I have always preferred buying my bras and underwear from online sites that only sell lingerie instead of going to a clothing site that sell everything. Whether you are looking for a push up bra, a lace bra, or a corset style bra, these sites have something for everyone’s lingerie needs. If you were wondering who has a site just for lingerie, then go check out the guide.

India's Top Lingerie Brands

India’s Top Lingerie Brands

We all know about Victoria Secret, but in India, the top lingerie brand title goes to someone else. Or does it not?  In my opinion, having a good quality bra is as important as having a good quality pair of jeans. It will last you a long time and it will keep everything facing the right way up. If it were up to me, I would go ahead and give my favorite brand  award for everything because in my opinion, they make some really good quality undergarments, but to find out what our writers thought were the top lingerie brands in India, and see if your favorite brand made the cut, go check out the guide.

How to Choose Panties?

How to Choose Panties

I’m sure you did not think that choosing the right kind of underwear was as simple as saying 1 2 3. You need to know your right size, see if it fits you, whether the material is comfortable or not, the list goes on. And one thing that a lot of women forget to consider is that different brands sometimes have different measurements for their sizes. So, if you wear a medium for Enamor, you may not fit into a medium when it comes to Amante.

This guide brings some of the most important points that you should know when it comes to choosing the right kind of panty and compiles it for your benefit.

How to Choose Right Bra?

How to Choose Bra

Just like your panty, your bra also needs to be chosen the right way. You don’t want to end up with something that will sit uncomfortably on your body or which will make you feel like someone is squeezing the life out of you. No, you would want to wear something that would feel like it has become a part of you and more.

Whether your breasts are small or big, whether you are wearing a beginner’s bra or have been wearing them for a lot of time, this guide will help you figure out what exactly you need to know when it comes to buying the right kind of bra for yourself, by giving you the right tips and tricks.

How to Take Care of Your Panties?

If your first thought after reading this title was “well, you just dump them in the washing machine”, then I’m sorry to say but you have a lot to learn about your underwear. A lot of times women don’t bother with washing their underwear with the same level of care that they would use to wash their white M&S shirt. But, that’s where you are wrong.

Your panties need the same level of love and care and more. Find out from this guide what you need to do in order to keep your panties nice and clean and well maintained. Starting from the kind of soap to use to the temperature of the water, this guide will help you find out what it takes to take care of your panties.

Panties Care Guide

How to Take Care of Your Bra

Sometimes, hand washing is the right kind of washing. Not all your bras are made of rugged material like the rest of your clothes are, and if you are willing to spend that much of money on a pair of push ups, then I think you should take the extra effort to know what the right way is of taking care of your bras.

I have always been in favor of washing your own bras by hand instead of dumping them in the machine and maybe that’s why all my bras last me for such a long time. But keeping my personal opinions aside, check out this lingerie guide to know more about the way you should take care of your bras and more.

Bra Care Guide

Panty Fetish

Clean Washed Lingerie For Everyday

Someone had said it right; cleanliness is godliness. If you are willing to spend all the time in cleaning your body and keeping it fresh and smelling good, then why would you want to wear anything other than a fresh and clean underwear and bra on top of it?

Don’t you think it immediately feels weird if you put on your unwashed, yesterday’s pair of undergarments after taking a long shower using your favorite body wash? Through this guide, find out why wearing clean, washed lingerie is the right way of life.

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