What to Consider Before Going for a Permanent Tattoo?

Consider before going for a permanent tattoo
Consider before going for a permanent tattoo

Permanent tattoos have been on an upward trend ever since rock-n-roll and hip-hop junkies have become gods for us all! Their styles, their fads and their life have become ours. Tattoos have been judged by many and will be judged by many more to come, but personally, it is just a singularly personal choice to either have one or not, provided you don’t make that choice in the mood of the moment on an impulse or after a drunken night with friends, or as a daring bet given by someone. A permanent tattoo has its own baggage and care must be taken of it. It is a gutsy endeavor so ensure you do it only for yourself or the memory of a loved one instead of proving something to someone. Here are a few things that you must mull over before you get inked forever.

Be Sure

Once you get inked, it will make a mark for life, though there are surgical procedures that can undo the ink, but they can’t undo that feeling you had, the euphoria of having that tattoo inked for the first time, linked to your inspiration and motivation of having one. So think it over thoroughly when the thought even faintly crosses your mind. Sleep over it, discuss with friends who got tattooed for reasons similar to yours and then decide.

Research Your Artist

Once you know within that you want that ink on your skin, its best to choose your tattoo artist. Don’t go cheap on your choice, but ensure you read through recommendations, look at their past work, speak to their past customers before you fix one.

The Target

When you choose your artist, it is time for you to figure out which part of your body you’d like to get inked. Depending on your pain tolerance, time and money you’re willing to invest, and your chosen design, choose your target canvas. If it is your first time, it’s better to avoid the groin areas, elbows, ribs and back of the knees where the pain can be beyond tolerance at times.

The Design

When you think of the design, ask yourself if you have a muse, a motivation to get inked or an inspiration that you want to live with. It’s difficult to sketch what rests in your imagination unless you’re an artist yourself and it never harms o research your base idea or pattern. So make sure you give your artist a good understanding of what you want your tattoo to look like, take representations that come close to the picture in your head and ask how the artist can make it better, with or without colors.

Commit and Don’t Stress

When you’re clear in your head that this is what you want, don’t procrastinate or doubt yourself. Many people talk about getting inked for years and later make excuses. Judgments on your tattoo will be made, but don’t stress about it at all. Get tattooed to please yourself, not others.

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