Eye Popping Eyeliners Styles To Try On

Eye makeup can become monotonous only if you don’t try something unique and new. All right, are you falling short of ideas on how to apply eyeliner in different styles? Or maybe you tried everything but no more unique is popping in your mind? Eyes are the prominent feature of your face and to make them look bright and beautiful can be everyday challenge. That’s when we come in the picture for your rescue and here we will teach you how to apply eyeliner in truly mind-blowing styles. So are you ready girls for these one?

In this video, you’ll learn to apply eyeliner in different styles like a pro. All you need to be is in front of the mirror, get your best eye primer and gel liner.

Starting out with simplicity – is that you need to draw a shape as your natural eye shape with your eyeliner. Your natural eye shape will make you look more natural and can be worn this shape any time of the day.

Wing out – First of all, draw a natural eye shape. Once you reach the corner of upper eyelid, begin to draw a wing out (As shown in the video) and connect a dark line to the original line. Wing out shape will give you a retro look and it’s a worth a try. For more dramatic look, draw another wing just below the original wing that you drawn in first instance of wing out style.

Feeling excited to learn more of these awesome eyeliner looks? Watch out the below video and let us know how was your experience:

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