Scalp Massage for Healthy and Strong Hair – The Right Way

Scalp Massage for healthy strong hair
Scalp Massage for healthy strong hair

Hair is a woman’s most prized possession. If we have a hair fall we all get so hysterical, isn’t it? So today I decided to share with you some tips on maintaining your hair by giving it a neat massage. If you are still unaware, then let me share with you a fact; a head massage helps prevent hair fall, frizziness and premature aging of hair. Also, it moisturizes your hair, it’s clarifying, detoxifying and stimulates hair follicles to promote hair growth.

Moreover it reduces stress and keeps you relaxed. Hey, surprisingly it also promotes concentration and mental clarity. Now, that I have told you how great having a hair massage is, let me also share with you the method.

Ingredients for Scalp Massage

Pure and Organic Coconut Oil

You should go in for pure coconut organic oil along with essential oils like rosemary, clary sage, cedar wood, lavender or peppermint. This provides aroma and boosts hair growth. Take two spoons of coconut oil and two drops of essential oil to mix it well. Entangle your hair by brushing.

What Next?

Apply the oil to your fingertips, and massage it on your scalp by stroking it to the front of your hair to the back of it. Focus on using the tips of your finger and avoid using nails as it damages your scalp. After you do this for a minute, move on to doing a zig-zag movement.

Find out about the zig-zag motion and a lot more from the video. I will be sharing a lot of beauty tips here on Just For Her. Keep reading and sharing.

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