How to Shave your Under Arms Like a PRO – The Right Way

If you’re the kind of gal who likes to keep her skin hair free, you might be spending enough on waxing treatments and the visits to the salon must be taxing. Shaving is a quicker, pain-free and DIY kind of technique of hair removal. Yes, removing underarm hair reduces odor, eliminates the possibility of growth of bacteria, and makes you feel fresher. Skin in the underarms is higher in moisture content and the direction of hair growth is also varied as compared to the limbs or other areas of the body. Hence special attention to the shaving of these parts will give you better results. Follow these simple steps to get yourself those perfectly shaved underarms!

Get Your Razor and Shave Gel Ready

Choose a razor that is lined with a lubricant or its better to go for the safety razor, or an electric one. Invest in a foamy gel that may function as a hair softener and also have essential oils that moisturize the skin after the shave.

Prepare Your Skin

Wash the underarms with soap and warm water to remove any deodorant or soap or powder residue that may have accumulated. There is also a chance of oily residue from the sweat glands in the underarms that hinder the performance of the razor.

Shave While Having A Hot Water Bath

Armpit Shaving with Hot Water
Shaving armpits with Hot Water

Your skin tends to become super soft when you have a hot water bath, opening your pores and hair follicles. This makes hair removal easy and more effortless. It also avoids the formation of goosebumps that may accidentally get cut or brazed while shaving causing blood loss or bruises.

Raise Your Arm Above Your Head

Women under arm shaving tips
Women under arm shaving tips

Doing so will tighten your skin and will eliminate the possibilities of a cut due to the skin fold. It also ensures that the hair between the folds of skin is not missed during the shave. A little tightness of skin helps the razor to effortlessly glide over the skin giving you a smoother shaving experience. So first apply the shaving cream or soap and glide the razor softly over the skin in a way that the razor is in constant contact with the skin all through.

Shave In Different Directions

In the armpit, hair grows in different directions. Hence, you will need to shave in different directions too, up and down, left and right, forward and backward always. This eliminates the hair from the root and allows the skin to flex in a way that all the hair is exposed to the razor.

Glide the Razor, Don’t Press Firmly

If you press the razor firmly on the skin and glide it through, you will experience razor burn. If you have sensitive skin specially, you are at more risk of developing a razor burn if your movements are too harsh.

Avoid Use Of Deodorants And Perfumed Products

Immediately after a shave avoid using products that make prove too harsh on your skin. Use an aloe-based moisturizer instead.


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