Things to Consider Before You Decide to Change Your Hairstyle

Things to consider before you decide to change your hairstyle
Things to consider before you decide to change your hairstyle

Now here I’m not talking about the simple trim that you go for once in a while. I am referring to that complete changeover that one opts for when they want a boost in their own image, want to feel a change in the level of confidence or just are looking for a major change. Be it a post breakup haircut, a reward for a promotion you just achieved or just a new trend or fad that you’re following, a new haircut gives you oodles of motivation and sheds all that extra baggage that you carry in your head mostly. Before you go in for such a major change in your looks, there are a lot of matters to take into consideration to make it an awesome experience rather than an oops-why-did-I-do-this one.

Figure Out Your Face Shape

Whether you have an oval, round, heart or square shaped face, you need to identify it right first. Once you do, you could make a rough sketch on paper and try to sketch out rough hairstyles to frame that face-shape. Alternatively, you can Google out celebrities with the same shaped faces and see what they have been keeping their hairdos like. You could ape the same or tweak it to your liking.

Figure Out How Much Time You Are Willing to Spend on Maintaining It

If you are the types who does not fit in a little bit of time each day for hair upkeep, then it is fairly appropriate for you to stick to a hairstyle with least or no maintenance. If you religiously keep time out in your daily routine for curling, blow drying, or straightening your hair, then you can choose to be a little experimental.

Know the Texture of Your Hair

If your hair is frizzy, lean, not-so-voluminous or dry, you’d have to stick to styles that give your hair a boost, some volume and smoothness. If your hair is healthy, bouncy, shiny and well-kept, then you can enjoy the works with a trendy hairstyle or a hair makeover that may or may not cause damage to the hair, like one which includes colouring, dyeing or perming the hair.

Are You Actually Ready for the Haircut?

Some gals with long tresses just go in for a haircut because they want to be able to style their hair in more ways than one while keeping the process less hand-hurting and quick. Hence they opt for shorter cuts like pixies and bobs, without considering essential factors as above. Or they sadly leave it solely to their hairdresser to choose for them and then spend the next few days crying over the result. You’d better be well-researched, stay sure AND strong in your mind that you want to do this not as a rebound reaction of a mental disturbance that may cause you to not think straight, or immediately after getting high on a few drinks whilst suffering a hangover! So girls, make an informed choice, please.

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