Why Every Girl Hates Sunny Leone? We tried to Guess It.

Every person is a subject of hypocritical scrutiny at some point of time in their lives. So is Sunny Leone as she turns out to be sought after by many producers and directors in their films, just her screen presence is enough to pull in additional viewers. Now her audience may vary- every man would love to see her picture perfect body on every frame of the film, whereas every girl would wish to achieve that body if nothing else similar to Sunny’s life. Be as it may, Sunny is one of the most searched celeb on Google nowadays and it is hard to say whether this became so because we hate her or love her! This definitely means we can’t ignore her.

Sunny’s origin is Indian – she was born and brought up under Sikh parentage in Sarnia, Ontario. She has always been a hard-working girl with dreams and aspirations that all of us may also have. Her choice of profession though has always been a matter of debate and judgment, though it shouldn’t be so in a democratic country like India which exercises freedom of choice and expression- and has brought her a lot of hate of late. She made her choices and was always free to make decisions for her life and no one should be allowed to pass judgments of it. She also did well for herself and is still being accepted in the more open-minded professional circles as a very competent personality.

Sunny is Beautiful

No one can agree to this more than girls, every girls knows that Sunny Leone is beautiful and she beats her competition on this point. Every other guy that you meet loves her looks and want to see more of Sunny. Her skin is as healthy as you always wanted yours to be. She has excellent hair and she knows how to make most of them in every photo or video shoot of her.

Who Is Sunny Leone?
Sunny Leone is Beautiful

Sunny is Fit

She was born in year 1981 and is more than 35 years of age. Still she is as fit as horse. She can spend all her day working and still spend time in the evening in promotional activities or parties. She looks super hot due to her fit body. She spends her time in gym while many other girls are just fantasizing about work out.

Sunny Leone Photo Gallery
Sunny Leone is Healthy & Fit

Sunny is Adorable

Yes, you cannot disagree with it. She is adorable and people love her looks. Sunny Leone though people think that is only appreciated when she exposes her assets beyond limit, this is incorrect. Her photos in decent attire has gone viral and people loved Sunny Leone because of her adorable looks.

Sunny Leone Photo Gallery
Sunny Leone is Adorable

Sunny is Bold

May be it is her past that makes her bolder than any other girl. She is outspoken when journalist throw hard questions at her. She is clear on her thoughts and stands by her opinion. She knows what to speak and what not speak. She was asked some of the toughest questions from journalist, she was calm and composed while answering those questions.

Sunny Leone Photo Gallery
Sunny Leone is Bold

Sunny is Photogenic

How many photos of Sunny Leone you have gone through? I am sure many of them. She is photogenic and looks stunning in photos. While many girls likes to get photographed, how many look fantastic in every photo that was clicked? Very few, right? That is why rest of girls hate her.

Sunny Leone Photo Gallery
Sunny Leone is Photogenic

Most Indians will mistreat, misjudge and openly hate her for her past. What was done is past and you cannot do squat about it. But now she has chosen a “decent” profession as per the norms of society where you pay to see her on screen, so don’t be hypocritical and give her hate. One knows what you feel seeing her at the theaters.

Some older women will think badly for her- because according to them she is the other extreme of Indian society that mustn’t be brought to light as much as it will “poison” the minds of the young girls and set bad examples. ‘They’ll essentially learn to sleep their way to success’, ‘our girls will fetch themselves a spoiled name in society if they start enjoying what Sunny does on screen’ and so on are the views of some conservative, older generation women on her. But the young educated girls of today feel quite differently. Yes, there is the occasional jealousy and envy- ‘my boyfriend wants me to look like Leone’ or ‘I need to get that Sunny-like figure but how’ or ‘why does she have to look so beautiful’ factor, but then it just remains at that, and barely comes out in the form of hate mail or stalkers.

Though Sunny maybe hated, or loved, she can’t be ignored by the modern Indian girls. These girls understand that she did what she felt right at her age in her circumstances that were unique to her and they respect that.

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