30 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Turning 30!

They say life begins at 30. Whether they meant to say harsher realities of life or more mature version of yourself, that has remained unexplained. However, one thing we’re damn sure about life is, after 30 it is more about responsibilities, getting married and having babies and everything doubles except your youthfulness. People will start looking at differently when you turn 30. Suddenly they will expect whole lot world from you, will perceive as settled and stable and more serious stuff than seeing that cheery, bubbly girl. Thus, we thought that you shouldn’t feel regretted your life after 30 when you missed the things that you should’ve done before turning 30. So we summed up the 30 awesome things for every girl out there that they should do!

30 Things You Should Do Before Turning 30

  1. Travel the world. Shed your inhibitions and explore the unknown places by all yourself’
  2. Abandon all your prized possessions and spend whole day without them. You will experience great relief. Next time, you wouldn’t crib if you leave smart phone at home
  3. Gate crash in any party and get yourself hooked up with the hottest guy in a party
  4. Experiment with your hair. Color your hair with vibrant colors like red, blue or orange
  5. Shop to your heart’s content and buy the stuff you desire but aren’t need of
  6. Quit the job that you don’t like but don’t forget to snap the stubborn boss
  7. Get the photo session done and capture the ‘you’ in all these years
  8. Go on a girly vacation and enjoy the best moments to remember for lifetime
  9. Date a lot. By dating you will figure out the type of guy you need
  10. Spend a night under the blue sky with your best buddies. Count the stars, stare up at the clear sky and recall the old good memories
  11. Stay in a paying guest house for months and see how the life outside of your home is
  12. Ponder over what you would like to do all your life. By the time you turn 30, you should be able to determine the career for yourself. It can be painting, dancing, teaching or anything
  13. Do something exactly opposite to your personality. If you aren’t adventurous, explore the wild, hidden side of yours. Do sky diving, paragliding or any adventure you ever fancied but did not dare to
  14. Fall in love with yourself. Life is not only dating the guy but accepting as you’re and loving yourself
  15. Land up on the airport without a ticket. Then decide the destination then and there and zoom out
  16. Learn to cook well, laundry faster and mop clean
  17. Don’t shy away for doing something weird. Do weird things and enjoy them
  18. Spare a day to dance like a hippie
  19. Learn to laugh at yourself
  20. Do some PDA with your partner and enjoy the public attention
  21. Go on a road-trip with girl pals
  22. Throw a party without any special occasion and show your generous side to your friends
  23. Go to the club and chat with a stranger without any fear
  24. Go through heartbreak as the experience will make you stronger than ever
  25. Get a sexy tattoo done and flaunt it everywhere you go
  26. Spoil your siblings for a fun but for temporary period and get their classes afterwards
  27. Volunteer for local NGOs and have an experience worth a lifetime
  28. Dress up like a celebrity and show your confidence
  29. Forgive your enemies and move on with life with great positivity
  30. Forget you’re soon going to head 30s and sometimes bring the inner child out

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