Driving Habits That Girls Need to Get Rid Of

Driving habits that girls need to get rid of
Driving habits that girls need to get rid of

Hard to believe but it’s true that more than half the accidents you see on the road nowadays are caused by the new age drunk driving syndrome- where distractions play heavy on your ability to think, reason and judge on the road- as compared to road rage or just mean speed.

Girls, please note the most common reasons that you may or may not notice intentionally otherwise, that may cause you to lose your or the victims’ physical abilities or even worse, life, in an accident.

Eating and Driving

You may be getting late for work or to keep an appointment, and hence you carry a quick sandwich or burger in your hands and drive at the same time. Maybe the sandwich is super tasty, just as you wanted it and you mess your hands or your dress or even worse, someone’s life because your hands are too greasy to control the steering wheel or you’re lost in the taste.

Drowsy Driving

If you need to nap, pull over and take a quick rest instead of trudging along the road, waiting for it to end, missing a traffic light, or passing over into the next lane meant for cars to overtake. Better be late than never!

Keeping the Pet Company

You may like to take your pet for a drive today but ensure you don’t end up getting your focus off the road and on your pet every time. You never know when you might miss seeing a kid innocently trying to fetch his ball off the road knowing that the driver will slow down. Secure you pet to keep them safe too.

Applying Makeup

You might want to make the best use of your time at a traffic light by touching up on that mascara or tending to your tresses, but hey, note that it could be time to get going soon and the drivers behind may not be patient enough for you to close that lipstick and put it back in your bag. Don’t make them honk at you.

Having Kids as Passengers

Children and even more, infants, are a major cause of distraction. A mother or parent, who is driving keeps stealing glances at the back seat to keep the kids in order, might just have a very nasty accident up ahead. Be careful when you have kids in the back seat.

Roadside Diversions

Sales in your favorite malls, stocks clearances and other such attractive offers can pull your focus off the roads while driving. Make sure you pull over or slow down and then read through.

Electronic Distractions

Mobiles, music devices and the sorts make concentrating on the road very difficult, especially in the age of selfies when all you always want to do is to click and post a picture online, mostly while driving.

Ladies, it is most essential to do the right thing at the right time when you are on the roads and essentially when you have passengers with you. Stay safe.

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