Girls in Bathroom – What Do They Do?

Girls in Bathroom - What Do They Do?

‘Knock, knock. What are you up to in there? Almost everyday guys, I have to keep knocking at the bathroom to get my wifeout. Otherwise, she is a darling. But in the morning she is a monster, who refuses to budge out of the bathroom. I wonder what she does in there?

Girls have a lot to do with themselves. But, they are confused, as always. In this confusion they mess up things and get late. From choosing to wear the right make up, to tweaking their eyebrows and wearing eyeliner, they are totally confused. They take a whole lot of time to get the right hairstyle. They keep struggling till they get it all sexy and cute.

‘Uff, what do I wear now?’ That is the biggest challenge. This is such a toughest thing to decide for girls. They won’t get out till they all get it right. All hell breaks loose till she is out. But, believe me, girls love their time in the bathroom.

They are totally into themselves & disconnected from the universe, till they realize it’s late. Then the jump for the phone and text, ‘I had something to catch up with, I am sorry, will be 20 minutes late.’

‘Grrr…this makes me mad.’

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