How to Store Your Nude Photos Safe – Avoid Getting Them Go Viral

When our lives have become so digitalised and virtual, it is becoming the need of the hour to keep your digital goods safe. Hackers are all over the place and are stealing a lot of data worldwide. What is shocking is what they do with that stolen data. Here is a guide on how to keep your digital media, especially things like your nude photos, naked selfies safe.

Do You REALLY Want to Do This?

So ask yourself this first. Can you not really withstand the urge to click a picture of yourself all naked? Yes, freewill can still be exercised in this country but once you click that picture, its safeguarding is not always possible 100%. Once it is clicked, take all the precautions necessary to keep it safe from the Internet, hackers or viruses.

How to Store Your Nude Photos Safe
How to Store Your Nude Photos Safe

Try Not to Post Them Online

If you post them online for the likes, comment or followers, you’re not doing yourself a good favor you know. There are people who will not take a second to copy these or use them inappropriately. If these pictures are for private viewing, then have them stored on an external disk or in an encrypted format on a personal computer that only you have access to.

If you have another user using your computer, then ensure you lock this folder or keep the external storage unit away in lock and key. If you plan on sharing these with a close partner, remember it is bound to cross some network or another when you share them online or via an application. Be very cautious when you play with such networks and apps that too with such sensitive information. Also make sure you can trust the person on the other side.

Encrypt Your Pictures or Keep Really Difficult Passwords

Use letters in upper and lower case, symbols and numbers in your password. Don’t keep a very obvious password just because you want to remember it. Make your password look like a software command or just use numeric combinations with a lot of symbols. Don’t use the same passwords for all accounts. A hacker’s worst nightmare is a difficult password that keeps changing in short periods of time. Keep a multi-step verification procedure when storing these pics on a cloud service.

Prevent Sending the Nude Photos on Social Media or Apps

Once you do, there is no looking back. If you store sensitive data on your phone, avoid texts from strangers and block them right away, these maybe hackers or bots. People are generally needy for attention on these apps and can easily hack your photos out. Even if you delete your pictures after sending them to someone, remember that their footprint is always present in their backups and databases, ready to use without you knowing of it too.

Even If It Is Too Late…

Remember if you see your nudes on some porn site or as inappropriate content, you can request the site strongly to get them off- they generally want to avoid legal action.

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