WWE Diva Michelle McCool – Biography, Photos and More

Michelle McCool is a certified and trained wrestler from America who was born in 1980 and is well acknowledged for her fights in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She has already won the WWE Divas Champion and the WWE Women’s Champion two times in the past.

Michelle initially served as a lecturer of a middle school in Palatka, Florida and came to the WWE scene in 2004. She, in the very beginning, during her on-screen presence, chiefly executed the roles of an irregular wrestler and an individual instructor.

Michelle McCool Biography

Real Name: Michelle Leigh McCool

Popular Name: Michelle McCool, also her Ring name

Date of Birth: January 25, 1980

Place of Birth: Palatka, Florida, USA

Address: Austin, Texas, USA

Occupation: Wrestler, Diva

Nationality: American

Michelle, who flaunts her wonderful height of five feet and ten inches, is very sure about what she does, she is talented and hard working to the core. This is quite evident from the fact that she won both the titles of WWE Women’s Championship and the WWE Divas Champion on two instances, catapulting her, as a whole, to the level of a four time champion.

This attractive wrestler’s parents have jobs in academic fields, with her father being a superintendent and mother being a teacher. WWE diva Michelle has a good football player in her elder male sibling. She loved basketball, softball and volleyball through and prior to high school and played them very well.

McCool has a master’s degree and was wedded to JL Alexander, with who she was in a relationship in high school. She got separated in 2006 and got hitched to ‘The Undertaker’ in 2010. She got pregnant with ‘The Undertaker’s baby, which took birth in August 2012.

Michelle has wrestling attires that comprise Christian crosses. She has gone through many wounds during the fights and was qualified and taught wrestling by the Ohio Valley Wrestling and the Deep South Wrestling schools.

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