How to Be a Responsible Tourist – For Better Tourism

When you plan to visit a place abroad, always remember to make responsible choices. A well planned holiday can not only prove to be economical but can also make your stay more memorable when you do a few things right. Keeping in mind that many tourist locations can be depending on the economical influx that you and the likes provide, a little thought in their direction can keep the hosts happy too! Here are a few basic pointers that can help you have a great vacation:

Plan Everything

Before you go for your vacation, make sure you have your homework well done. Know which places to visit, what help will be required (transport, guidebooks, maps, safety) and plan accordingly to fit it into your schedule so that you use your days on holiday well. Also try to explore more of the place on foot as you’d find more to see than in the ordinary guidebook.


Read a lot about the host country’s culture and traditions: what you may find routine and acceptable may not be the same for the others in your host’s country! They may have different views on amicability, respect and personal space. Having said so, it is better to read up on the culture and traditions of the country you are visiting so that you avoid any embarrassments. Learn a few phrases from the local language, dress like they do and participate in their celebrations in that time of the year and they will enjoy your company.

Go Green and Keep It Local

When abroad, keep your choices in shopping, food and travel local. Hire local modes of transport, buy locally made souvenirs, taste the local delicacies, and moreover, make sure you treat it like your own country- don’t litter, keep your ecological footprint to a minimal, don’t insist on your hotel changing your bed sheets and linen everyday unless necessary and keep a check o the electricity consumption.

Keep the Stress to a Minimum

Don’t hurry yourself to keep time schedules unless necessary, maybe the host country is more laid-back and don’t follow the same structures of time-keeping as you do.


When it comes to shopping, we all love to haggle. Make sure you do it judiciously and with the right vendors- some vendors are not very well off and can do better off with the money you may have saved instead bargaining with them. Give it thought- tourists like you make their livelihood.


Keep up those good manners, a smile and a good word; these are all universal must-haves. There is no place in the world that may not welcome all of these.

Preserve the Heritage

Wherever you visit, remember this is a holiday for you but a home for others! Don’t litter, take your litter with you and don’t do anything that may damage the heritage sites that you visit physically or otherwise.

If these rules are followed, more tourists will be welcome everywhere!

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