Suzlon One Earth – Greenest Corporate Head Quarter

Suzlon One Earth Pune

Suzlon One Earth’ which houses the corporate Head quarters of Suzlon has been built on the foundation of sustainability and world class infrastructure. Designed by Christopher Charles Benninger, this is an engineering marvel is all respects including excellent architectural design and seamless integration with building services based on essential green building concepts.

Suzlon One Earth PuneThis campus recycles one hundred percent of the water it uses, employs roof gardens and insulation for passive cooling and it generates 154 KW of energy on site through combination of windmills (80%) & photovoltiac panels. All water heating is accomplished through solar heating. Aluminium louvers shade the glass walled interior from direct sun light while providing natural illumination within saving on lighting energy.

Developed on an area of 41,000 square meters (10.13 acres) with a capacity to house 2,300 people, One Earth has also received the prestigious LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design)Platinum certificate. This urban village concept features horizontal open spaces instead of linear over bearing structures, large interactions courtyards instead of only meeting rooms, Landscape to encourage activities, and all these features are weaved with technologically advanced systems which provide and save energy.

Keeping in mind the ‘Earth’ concept, the corporate offices within the premises have been named after the five key elements of nature – Aqua (water), Tree (wind + wood), Sky (space) and Sun (fire) and the entire basement as Terra (earth) thus respecting the elements of nature. It is indeed interesting to note that each functional building as well as the Academy has been conceived and designed to have its own character, own functional identity which has been achieved with an appropriate infrastructure branding to enhance the characters of the space and the concept.

The Urban infrastructure also includes a generous garden in the center, accented by water streams leading to a magnificent water fall , nurturing a crescent reflecting pool that holds a contemporary Deepastambha, an obelisk holding hundreds of lamps emitting positive energy.

The Suzlon Excellence Academy (SEA) which is one of the lounges in the premises houses classrooms, theatre, business halls, virtual classrooms, library and break out areas. The academy not only stimulates a sense of learning but also inspires and motivates users towards leadership values and principles.

‘Suzlon One Earth’ also adheres to strict safety measure for its employees. Notably , no two wheeler rider is allowed within the premises without a Helmet.

The journey began with a dream and purpose. Today the same has emerged in structure and built form. ‘Suzlon One Earth’ has matched every word Suzlon aspired to have in its Corporate Headquarters and much beyond.

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