How to Use WhatsApp to Its Best In a Long Distance Relationship

Nowadays, people have become so busy in their lives that they have left many other priorities behind, take relationships for instance; fiancées working in different cities, or countries across the globe to make for an impressive lifestyle, parents sending their children elsewhere to thrive and study on their own to learn the realities of life and working class families leaving their parents behind to earn a better living for them all. What matters is how much of an effort you can make to make yourself more available to them, even virtually.

WhatsApp is a very cool and easy to use interface for all such long distance communication. Firstly it is free, secondly it gives the user freedom to use all its features without the fine print and thirdly, its chat feature is very efficient.

Back in the day, everyone said that long distance relationships are a waste of time and they never worked. Well fact is that now with apps like WhatsApp, it is a viable option for many. WhatsApp has now been bought by Facebook and it has billions of users worldwide. If you want to avoid the enormous bills that follow after those sweet calls with your long-distant beau, you must use the WhatsApp calling feature, that allows you to call another user over your standard internet data pack or wi-fi connection for free. WhatsApp has also been one of the most widely used UI for social content sharing and chatting online. It is more popular than a lot of other such apps like Skype and Viber, SnapChat and Hangouts. Many users reported the ease of use of this app with the added calling feature as a complete one-stop-shop for their long distance relationship issues.

A user can send and receive photos, media and videos and audio recordings, voice messages and make calls over VoIP and keep their partners informed about themselves. So there is essentially no need to download and use multiple other apps just for this purpose. WhatsApp does all the work in a jiffy. Keep your beau informed about your day by sending them texts about how your day has been, what went wrong, how much you missed them, don’t forget to use those smileys (they’re adorable!!) send them your care in a voice message or dedicate a song, by singing a few lines of course! They are sure to love the personalisation each message and smiley has to offer! You can also see when your beau has last been online, whether your last message has been received and/or viewed and when your beau is typing back!

For an uninterrupted service it is highly recommended that you use an unlimited data plan that allows you a certain limit free after which every KB of data comes in with a reduced speed, as WhatsApp uses your data to place VoIP calls and texts. You’ll be happier making calls through WhatsApp all for free than paying those huge STD or ISD bills!

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