Weird Statements and Fatwas issued by Muslim Leaders Against Women

muslim fatwas against women
muslim fatwas against women

European Islamic cleric attracted a lot of ire from people around the world in December 2011. This unnamed Sheikh issued a fatwa that woman should not touch penis-shaped food items like cucumbers and bananas because these items can trigger feelings of sex. This was perhaps the first hilarious fatwa that was issued in Europe, but it was just the beginning.

Now that Middle Eastern and Islamic countries are connected with the world due to social media and news channels, people around the world can easily come across weird statements and fatwas issued by Muslim leaders from various countries. Unfortunately, most of these thoughtless ones are meant for women who are often ill-treated in Muslim world.

Let’s take a look at three of the most hilarious statements/fatwas issued by Muslim leaders and clerics.

Men can eat their wives in case if they are hungry

During October this year, Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah made it in the headlines for his thoughtless comment. He said that Saudi men can eat body parts of their wives if they are too hungry (in extreme circumstances).

This statement not just attracted human rights activists from around the world, but also forced the Grand Mufti Sheikh to take back his words.

Women watch football because they wish to watch male player’s thighs

Local mosque imam from Saudi who prefers to remain unnamed in media made hilarious statement in May this year. He said- “While watching football, women do not care about the match; they just stare at male player’s thighs.” Imam also said that women should not be allowed to watch football as looking at foreign men is sinful.

Not just Saudis, but people from all around the world condemned this fatwa.

Men have the power to control the universe, but women are just good to reproduce

Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musalyar recently made it in the headlines for his comments about gender equality. For those who are not aware, AP Aboobacker Musalyar is one of Kerala’s (Indian state) prominent Sunni Muslim leaders (clerics). He was speaking during an event organized in Kerala’s Kozihikode district by Sunni Student Federation during last week of November.

During his discussion, someone urged him to share his opinion about gender equality. The leader said women are meant to deliver children; they cannot be compared with men. He also highlighted the point that gender equality is un-Islamic.

The Muslim leader pointed out that allowing girls and boys to sit together is against the Islamic culture.

Some individuals may find this funny because Kanthapuram believes that men have the power to control the universe and women do not have this energy. Plus, women cannot face crisis situations. The old man also claimed that there is not even one woman who has proved successful cardiac surgeon.

Some news websites did cover this story, but Muslim leader’s comment was not highlighted by English media as much as they highlight Yogi Adityanath’s comments to criticize him. So-called elite journalists like Mitali Saran and Karan Thapar did not even mention this leader’s comment anywhere in their weekly columns. Women’s rights activists did condemn his comments, but no police case is registered against him as of now. Indian media’s (especially, English news channels) silence or reluctance about such issues related to Muslim leaders is disturbing.

By – Nitten Gokhaley (Consultant journalist)

Disclaimer by author: The story does not intent to hurt anyone’s religious feelings. It aims to spread awareness about issues that the world faces. This story is meant for private viewing only and cannot be circulated without writer’s permission. It cannot be used as evidence against the writer or publisher in any court of law around the world. Story also includes links for detailed news items about points mentioned.

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