What Do Girls Do Before Sex {Revealed}

What Do Women Do Before Sex

It’s time girls for my boyfriend to come home and you know what we are going to get wild today. So how do I prepare myself for that moment of ecstasy?

Clean Up the Mess

Hmm… generally, I feel that my room is a reflection of me so I don’t want it to be messy. If my guy sees my apartment messy, he would wonder how I am down there. So my date would practically go for a toss.

And what if he decides to use your bathroom? Oh! Just a minute, what does my bathroom look like? So I got to be dead sure that it is all cleaned up.

Down There…

I am not that hairy anyways but, I ensure I have shaved myself well and I am clean. I also be doubly sure if my underwear is cool. I sometimes see if I can match my bra and panty. I do a hell lot of work but, I don’t show that I am doing a lot of work.

Love Him for What He Is

Whatever you do girl, things can still mess up if you are totally selfish and self involved. So the best you can do is hmmm… be in love with the person you are dating, be sure that he is comfortable and you don’t think about yourself all the time. Remember, it takes two to do it. So be happy that you have a guy and ensure that he loves to be with you.

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