What is Christmas and Why We All Should Celebrate it?

What is Christmas and Why We all Should Celebrate it
What is Christmas and Why We all Should Celebrate it

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December all across the world as the event of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a much adored festival celebrated with a lot of cheer, goodwill and wishes, and an excitement that is dominant in the children mostly! It is a season of gifting your loved ones, making them feel special, donating and celebrating with the under-privileged, family get-togethers with great food and turkey dinners, caroling and masses in the churches etc. A time for a lot of festivities and happiness, Christmas is the most awaited time of the year in even the Non-Christian families.

In the western countries and cultures, this day is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ, and is followed by offering prayers and attending masses in the churches in honor of the arrival of their Lord. This time of the year, the weather is harsh and it is mostly snowing in many countries, so there is a greater need to get families together and sit indoors with enough warmth from the fireplace, good food and wine, carol singing and gift sharing and an abundance of good cheer! The way Christmas is celebrated has evolved through the ages, with Santa Claus entering the scene as we know him, only a 100 years or so ago!

The church spreads the message of the Lord who helps you to cleanse you of all sins when confessed and as this happens there will only be light in your path, so Christmas brings that light to the fore in the form of Christmas decorations and mistletoe, the evergreen Christmas tree which symbolizes the hope that there will be a new beginning soon after the harsh winter where everything becomes dark and least lively. Families that get together also organize to have the under-privileged children and families well-fed, gifted and clothed, which are very good deeds and teach everyone the essence of sharing and caring for each other. There are lights put up in every home and in every street, no corner is left ignored, everyone is looking out for the other, children are taught goodness through stories and deeds of kindness are preached.

Masses are attended, good wishes and Christmas cards are exchanged, everyone looks forward to having a merrier than ever Christmas, and a happier than ever New Year. With so much of excitement and happiness being spread in all directions, there is little scope that this wave of cheer will not spread. Even non-Christian families celebrate Christmas, maybe not in the typical religious manner, but as a festival, who would ignore so much happiness coming their way! The idea of gifting, singing, dancing, surprising the children with gifts they’ve been waiting for all year and schools which have closed for the winter or Christmas holidays that stretch over the New Year, all in all it’s the time of the year when many people feel oneness with the festive spirit and want to celebrate with their dear ones.

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