Online Dating – Why You Should Uninstall the Tinder app NOW!

Why You Should Uninstall the Tinder app NOW!
Why You Should Uninstall the Tinder app NOW!

If you are a dating enthusiast, have the patience to scroll through, sieve out and section people of all kinds- weirdos, the casual “here for a good time, not for a long time”, and the real ones- and like to have some fun meeting and befriending new people around you, then Tinder is where you should be! Some maintain that they have met good quality men on this app and some say that all they saw was crap and fake (surveys say that 55% of the accounts on Tinder are fake and bots), but it is for you to really see for yourself if it interests you. Though Tinder is a free app, this causes more reason to worry about the quality of accounts- you don’t want to be friends with or date sex talk spam ones or bot accounts that don’t really exist, unless that is your kind of thing! I’ll try to sum up my side of why I would uninstall this app right away.

Most users on the Tinder app are men (68%) followed by the remainder of women. Though this is not a bad thing, but survey shows that many people out there on this app are either not single, are faking their relationship status or are just here for fun (same applies to the ladies as well!). People get easily addicted to it and consider it to be a game of sorts where you meet people on and off, never reach a conclusion with them, and keep on the “search for the right mate”. Its as easy as swipe to the left if you are interested in the profile you see and if the same profile likes you back, Tinder counts you in as a match and allows for sharing numbers and chatting between the couple who liked each other.

It links you in through Facebook only, making it a very shallow operator. There is no way to check really whether the profile you see exists. The pro in this context is that it shows you matches based on your location setting you up with people within a set radius from you to enable real-life dating and hence there could be a chance that you catch the lies that may be being spoken. Since the FB profile is the only thing you see about a user, making it easy to change or fake geographical data, people could still easily cheat.

Sex bots are accounts that talk dirty with you and its not easy to tell whether they are real or not. If you start messaging them, they eventually ask you to like their pages or follow a site to continue the conversation.

The approach is based on the fact that if you like the photo displayed, swipe left. Hence there could be a chance that you miss out on quite a few good people if they don’t seem good-looking to you. You can also run out of people to match with in your area (yes!). After all, you will end up judging people by their looks.

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