Three Perfect and Easy Hair Styles for Rainy Days

3 Perfect and Easy Hair Styles for Rainy Days

Yuck, my hair gets frizzy, sticky and it’s so boring on rainy days. Tell me what the hell should I be doing? If you have some ideas do share with me. Alternately you can have a look at this video that gives some fantastic tips on hairstyles during rainy monsoon days.

Rainy days are sultry and gloomy but, that doesn’t mean you get all lazy and not take care of yourself. You need to take special care of your skin and hairstyles during monsoons. How are you going to do that? Here is how you do it…

There is too much wetness and humidity during rains. So you need to keep your hair away from the neck. Tie your hair with a band, keep it a bit tight and lift it up a bit to get a bounce. Twist your hair and create a bun. To keep your hair tight pin it up with bun pins. Put them from sides and remember you want to hide them so put them inside. You are just ready to go out of the house with lot of style and bounce to your hair.

I know you girls want to learn more about these hairstyles that give you a definitive look during rainy days. All you got to do is watch this video…

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