Ashish Kulkarni

Not everyone has the same set of symptoms during pregnancy, to each their own. Usually, women notice symptoms after they miss their period when their pregnancy hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is increased. This can be detected from blood tests as the HCG level rapidly hikes in the initial days of pregnancy. You could probably do this test approximately 7 to 12 days after conception. Or you could wait about 15 days from conception-date to do a urine test. I know, the waiting part is so over-whelming!
Usually, women experience early pregnancy symptoms when the implantation happens; this may cause mild discomfort or cramping in the abdomen accompanied by bleeding, fatigue, mood swings, body aches, Vaginal discharge, headaches and breast-tenderness. Mostly, early signs are noticed by women who are very attuned to their body (Most first-time mothers don’t recognize the symptoms). Well, if you are very attuned then you might start picking-up on mild changes in your body.
Personally, I did not notice anything until I missed my first period with my first pregnancy. But, with my second one, I could intuitively tell that I was pregnant within the first week of conception; I experienced breast-tenderness, fatigue and increased vaginal-discharge. All the best with your pregnancy!