• I wash my hair twice a week, I use a mild shampoo and a conditioner.
• I massage my scalp with oil once a week.
• Once a week, I use a hair mask made of curd, olive oil and aloe gel.
• I use a lot of Coconut oil, Castor oil, Almond oil or Sesame seed oil.
• You could soak methi seeds in water overnight and use the water to rinse your hair. Or you could use Methi powder and mix with curd and use as a hair mask.
• I brush my hair every morning and night for increased circulation.
• I cover my hair when it is too hot outside.
• I also use Apple cider vinegar rinse for hair for a healthy shine.
• I trim my hair once in three or six months.
• I tie my hair or braid my hair before bed so that my hair does not get damaged while sleeping.
• I use cold water to rinse hair at the end of hair wash to allow the cuticles to close.