I lost 8kgs in a year; probably a kilo in a month gradually. Have patience, initially I did not see results for a month or so. I guess all the body fat was being converted to muscles. The next month, I lost only a little over a pound. I continued to do what I was doing very sincerely. I was definitely seeing some inch loss, but the weight loss was not showing on scale. The following months I steadily lost one kilo per month. The key is not to stress and do not weigh yourself every day!
My routine:
1. Drink warm lemon and honey water the first thing in the morning.
2. Do Yoga, then bath.
3. Breakfast, snack, lunch on time.
4. Evening Cardio, snack, and dinner.
5. Three liters of water every day.
6. 8 hours of sleep.

All the best to you on your weight loss journey. Do share your progress and results. 🙂