5 Sex Positions That Every Girl Must Try in May

Name a few sex positions that you can quickly think of from the top of your head…. Ok, here’s what I came up with and solidly suggest that you girls try them out this month! Not only are they very cosy and intimate, but also will help you turn up the heat this Valentines month. So here goes!

The C.A.T – Coital Alignment Technique

Very similar to the missionary pose, this pose allows both partners to be intimate and naughty at the same time. It allows for great clitoral stimulation is done well. The difference between the CAT and the missionary is that in the CAT the body of the man is farther up and to one side.

  • You need to lie down flat with your legs bent to a 45 degree angle. Tilt your hips upwards and allow your man to lie on top of you with his chest near your shoulders. This way the base of his shaft is in constant contact with your clitoris.
  • Rocking forward and backward will give you much more pleasure, you can also try straightening your legs and asking your man to push down while you push up!


Coital Alignment Technique - CAT
Coital Alignment Technique – CAT

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