Anal Vs Vaginal Sex : All That You Wanted to Know About Anal & Vaginal Sex

Sex is an activity of pleasure, love and fun. Personally speaking when I think of sex, I know what I like, but to be honest there are some things that I haven’t tried just yet. So I wouldn’t really know which one is better if I were to choose between a known and unknown territory. When it comes to anal, not many women out there have tried it to experience the pleasure it gives, but technically speaking, the anus has many nerve endings that are super sensitive and create more intense feelings than the vaginal opening. Moreover the vagina has its own lubrication that makes sex much more pleasurable whereas the anus has no such lube of its own- it isn’t actually meant for penetration- that makes sex pleasurable only when you use oodles of lube and a lot of patience.

The muscles of the vagina are more supple and are prone to penetration, flexing and tensing as the act continues, whereas the anus and the sphincter muscles are not entirely so in nature, they only focus on removing waste from the body and flex accordingly. So any penetration from the backdoor is not welcome at first. As the muscles get used to penetration in the next few attempts, they tend to get used to the movement and learn to relax though that may not be their first reaction or purpose.


Anal sex activates all the pleasure points at the rim of the anus and hence can be a huge attraction for someone who is contemplating having anal sex for a change. It is best treated as the cherry on the top of the cake, and is enjoyed when you have gotten used to it. Vaginal sex is still a favorite in the routine of things and is a staple when it comes to sex, anal is fast picking pace and becoming a favorite amongst many women. Men claim to like anal as it gives them a tighter feeling than the vagina and leaves them free to explore many other pleasure areas on the rest of the body. When you want to get more adventurous in the bedroom, look out for possibilities of having anal sex after communicating with your partner. Women claim to have more intense feelings and love the fact that their partner can come inside them when they do it anally, which makes them feel more one with their partner, whereas when they do it vaginally, there is always be a thought that if the condom fails there will be an unplanned pregnancy.

Vaginal sex doesn’t cause infections if you take care of basic hygiene, whereas anal sex ups the chances of infections and HIV spreads if a lot of care is not taken to clean, wipe, change the condom if required etc. Moving from vaginal to anal is not a problem with the same condom, but doing the exact opposite with the same condom is a strict no-no.

Whatever your choice, its up to you to enjoy yourself and make sure you keep hygiene standards intact.

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