This Should Be Every Girl’s New Year Resolution For a Fit Body & Mind

New Year Resolution for a Fit Body and Mind

People come with extremely innovative New Year resolutions each year. These ideas sound everything from incredulous to achievable, and oh-so-impossible to I’ll-meet-you-at-the-finish types, but they are still promises you make to yourself that you seldom keep. Mostly, people make themselves resolutions to become healthier by the end of the next year- this may include weight loss or gain, a great bio and blood profile, natural figure correction or the likes. So if you are the kinds who want to see yourself healthier soon, with this information, here’s to your mental and physical health!

Prepare Yourself

Whether it is losing that excess weight or just cutting those inches off your tummy or wherever, you need to convince yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS! Resolutions otherwise take the form of babies, which are more fun to make than maintain!!! But if you are willing to give it your all, then the resolution is worth it.

Partner in Crime

Having a friend or a personal diary whom you can track your goals with is a great idea, whether it is a gym partner, an old friend who can keep track of your progress or even someone who can talk you back into business if you tend to throw an excuse or waver. This keeps you motivated and sure that you won’t get distracted from your goal.

Snack Healthy

Make a list of things you need to stock in your fridge or at home. Simply cut out the items that read soft-drinks, chips, cola, cake, fried foods, ready-to-eats etc. That’s half the battle won! Now add in fruits and vegetables, low-fat or toned milk, yogurt, cereals and low-calorie energy bars. Voila, your shopping cart is ready to be billed and consumed without a wasteful ounce of bad fat!

Lower those Stress Levels

Insomnia, heart disease, hypertension, obesity are all effects of chronic stress. And ala these are also things we don’t want if we want to achieve our goal. Some stresses are inevitable but you must allow yourself some vacation and socializing time with family and friends.


Thinking about saving money, one thing that can add to your wallet is making healthier lifestyle choices. Picking public transport to work, walk the stairs, carpooling and splitting costs with friends will make you happier. Didn’t anyone tell you that these are alternative forms or exercise…..? J you can save up on gym fees too, by choosing to exercise at home!

Quit Smoking

If you are aiming to achieve overall good health and better your blood or cholesterol profiles, this is one habit you must quit. Though it is tough, the more attempts you make at it the easier it can be weaned from. Maybe think how much money you can save and add more life to your years.

Take up Fun Activities

Volunteering, cause-based marathons, and social initiatives that allow you to get your backside moving not only keep you happy to be engaged in some good deed, but also keep you healthy.

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