Shaving Pubes – Practical How to Tips and Guide

Shaving Pubes - Practical How to Tips and Guide

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So what is today’s video all about? Here it is.. we are going to talk about shaving your pubic hair.

There was a time when I was freaking irritated due to pubic hair. I used to jump on the razor and do everything to shave off the pubic hair. I wanted the pubic hair to be removed completely and wanted my pube to be clean. I also got hurt once or twice while I did it. But, lately I love the pubic hair and feel it’s just cool to have it grown. Actually, it depends on my comfort level.

Nevertheless, if you want to clean it off here is how you got to go about doing it.

Just trim your hair first and soak it with water for 5 to 10 minutes. Use an exfoliator to remove the dead skin from the entire part.

Now, use a shaving cream but, avoid thick foams or a bar soap. Use something that is not too thick or not too thin.

Grab a razor that is sharp and stroke it down your pube gently. Be sure you don’t want to get hurt so don’t press it too much. If you want to know how to complete the process watch the video.

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