How i-Pill or Unwanted 72 Works and Avoids Unwanted Pregnancy?

i-Pill or Unwanted 72 are types of emergency contraceptive pills that help to eliminate the chances of an unwanted pregnancy that can arise out of instances of having unprotected sex or contraceptive measure failure, like the tearing of a condom or forced sex, rape or sexual assault that may include penetration etc.

Emergency contraception is a fast rising trend though I would still stand by the principle better be safe than sorry, as this method of eliminating a pregnancy can cause a lot of issues in the future with regards to planned pregnancy or menstrual problems. An emergency contraceptive pill should be taken as soon as possible after instances of unprotected sex or if you find out that your chosen method of contraception has failed, earliest being 12 hours after the instance and within or before 72 hours after the same.

These pills are supposed to be used only once and should not be confused with the pills women take on a daily basis as a method of contraception. The sooner this pill is taken after intercourse, the higher the chances of it working in your favor- it claims 95% effectiveness if taken within 24 hours, 85% effectiveness when taken within 25 to 48 hours and 58% effectiveness when taken between 49 to 72 hours after intercourse. In any case if your next period is delayed by more than a week it is recommended to take a pregnancy blood test to ascertain the possibilities.

So How Does These Emergency Contraceptive Pill Work?

The pill works in the following ways: either it may stop an egg from being released from the ovary, or it may prevent the sperm from fertilizing it, in case the egg has been released or in case the egg has been fertilized, it may not allow the fertilized egg to attach itself to the lining of the womb. Since this is not a pill to be taken as a regular birth control measure, its use should be determined very judiciously. It cannot help you if you are already pregnant or as a preventive measure of birth control. There are also no specific symptoms that can prompt you whether the pill has worked or not, but even if you have had unprotected sex multiple times in a day(s), this pill may work depending on whether you have taken it within 72 hours of that instance. Only time will tell whether the pill has worked, which is when you get your next monthly period. Even if there is a delay of a week in your period, you must get yourself checked by a doctor or have a blood test done to ascertain pregnancy or otherwise.

In case you vomit within three hours of taking the pill, it is advisable to taken another one just to be safe. This pill does not provide protection against HIV or AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease (STD), so it is always advisable to take necessary precautions.


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