Curvy is Sexy – How to Get a Curvy Body like Katrina Kaif?

How to Get a Curvy Body like Katrina Kaif
How to Get a Curvy Body like Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has captured the hearts of millions from the time she became a known figure in Bollywood. When I say “figure”, I really mean it. Her curvy body and lean frame has made her a rage midst many, even before the people started knowing her through her acting talent. Her trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala, has mentioned her client’s willingness to train at odd hours owing to her tight schedule and crunched hours, which shows her dedication towards achieving her health goals. She has revealed few of the star’s health secrets and tips to get the perfect star curvy body like Katrina Kaif.

  1. Katrina drinks 4 glasses of warm water at the start of her day: drinking water will wash off the toxins in the body that have accumulated and thus will endow you with glowing skin and a kick-starting metabolism.
  2. She stays away from starch foods: potatoes, rice, white pasta, are a strict no-no for her, as they add to her weight and don’t do much good. Instead she has taken to grilled fish and fresh vegetables to keep her diet controlled.
  3. Breakfast is the heaviest meal of the day: she makes sure she takes in all the major food groups that will keep her energy levels high throughout the day during breakfast, which includes egg whites, brown bread and peanut butter.
  4. Katrina takes 6-7 meals a day: having small meal throughout the day instead of the basic 3 will keep you fuller and take care of your hunger pangs that make you overeat. She includes a lot for fruits and vegetables in her diet.
  5. Exercise: since Katrina gets bored easily, her trainer makes sure she alternates her exercise regimen to keep Katrina guessing and challenging her body to do more. She alternates between Pilates, abs and core exercises, jogging and swimming for two hours each day. When she focuses on Pilates, she works on her spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing exercises to relieve stress and improve oxygen flow to the organs and skin. Pilates also helps to build lean muscles, endurance and flexibility in the abdomen, arms, hips etc.
  6. No starving: as you have seen, for a curvy body you need to have the flesh in the right places. So being skinny is a big no. Instead, healthy eating and working out right and consistently will ensure you get a chance to concentrate the muscles in the right places thus making you look curvy and attractive.
  7. Hooplas, buttock exercises and butterfly lifts: if you want to achieve the ultimate curvy body you must include these exercises in your routine. These will give you a clinch at the waist, tone up the muscles there, add a greater shape and curve to your bosom and hips and voila… you will shine like the diva that you strive to be. Leg lifts too will be beneficial as they help you get those long and lean legs to give your look a boost!

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