Lose Weight – What to do When Nothing Works?

Losing weight can be a very tiring, slow and painstaking procedure. It needs a lot of persistence and effort when it comes to losing weight the healthy way and keeping it like that. It should be remembered that not all people who start losing weight end up with the same results every time. There is a chance of failure, mis-stepping and starting over again too. But the more persistent ones survive the battle. For the ones who think of giving up, here are a few points to rethink:

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Switch your breads to multigrain options. Make sure you eat whole wheat pastas rather than the refined flour versions. Eat fluffy rice which has been boiled and strained- this removes the starch content and keeps the rice light on the tummy. You can also try eating the red and brown rice varieties which can be very healthy when eaten regularly. Use more fresh produce- fresh fruits over canned ones, green vegetables over canned purees, seasonal vegetables over the market friendly preserved ones will all be profitable choices. Eat fruit instead of gulping down juices from a container or squeeze them out at home, all fresh.

Oh, No Sugar

Switch to organic sugar substitutes- no, I’m not talking about aspartame sweeteners. Use jaggery, brown sugar or molasses where possible and necessary. If you wish to use a natural sweetener in things like cake or baked goods, opt for berries, dates and sultanas or kishmish where you can to keep the sweet tooth happy and skip the sugar.

Use Lean Cuts of Meat When You Can

Opt for fish instead of beef, mutton or chicken- though lean cuts of all these are available. White meat is always low on fat content as compared to red meats. Keep the protein content optimum and exercise regularly in addition to this to burn it into muscle.

Lower the Carbs

Keep your roti intake to a minimum. Fill yourself up with a bowl of salad 20 minutes before a meal and when you start with your meal drink up some water.

Hydrate, Hydrate Always

When you feel hungry, first gulp down a glass or two of water. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, this glass or two of water will keep your satiety awake and signal you to stop when you’re full.

Break Down Your Meals

Instead of eating 3 full meals break them down into 4-5 meals a day spaced over 2-3 hours spaced with water of fresh fruit juice. Include fibre, protein and water in the spaces between the meals to control the hunger pangs.

Keep a Track of What You Eat

Your food diary is your best friend. Note what you eat and when in a notebook, and review it each week. Cut 500 calories each week and substitute it with fibrous food group families that keep you full and going active for longer.

Stick to these rules for a newer you!

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