Myths and Facts About Acne – Explained in a Simple Video

The challenges of being a teenager are immense. Yes, it’s true, being a teenager is tough, I remember a couple of years back while I was a teenager, I had my face flooded with pimples; tiny ones on my forehead and bigger ones on my cheeks. Uff! How I hated them. I tried everything that I could; in vain I couldn’t get them off my face. I know how it feels when you make continuous unsuccessful attempts to get rid of acne.

Let us demystify facts about acne and share about the various myths that debunk its reality.

Acne Myth Number One

Acne occurs due to dirty face. No, not true. Pimples are caused due to hormonal shifts and not due to dirt on your face.

Acne Myth Number Two

Acne can go away if you rub your face harder. Ouch! How hard are you going to scrub, till your skin peels off? Washing your face frequently too doesn’t help, as acne is not about dirt. So you cannot just scrub it away.

The video has more to share with you. But, we would be happy if you could share some tips with everyone. Girls don’t worry it is a matter of a few years. As teenage passes, they will vanish.

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