What is Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome Plus Detailed Symptoms & Cure

Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Why are girls so fussy about everything? What do you mean by that? Of course, girls have to be careful about their lifestyle and diet because, these factors directly affect their health, especially during puberty. Girls have to keep a tab on what they eat, what time they sleep, and have to regularly exercise to keep them from being attacked by health issues.

One Such Health Issue is PCOS. What Is It?

PCOS is Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome and it affects around 10% of the female population. Symptoms start casually but, they can start as early as puberty. Doctors don’t know why you actually get PCOS, but they attribute it to poor high calorie diet, sedentary lifestyle and hereditary factors.

So what exactly is PCOS? It is a condition that affects your ovaries. Your ovaries get enlarged and cyst begins to grow on them. Cysts are not harmful but, they lead to hormonal ups and downs. They produce increased levels of hormones, leading to its imbalance. This can later result in infertility, diabetes and heart disease. So watch out.

This video is a must for all you girls to watch. Why? Because it also shares the symptoms and the cure. Watch the video now.

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