Top 5 Sex Positions for Gay Partners

Gay sex is all about some great man to man fun in bed, or wherever they plan to call it a night! Many feel that gay sex involves only one basic position that is doggy style, bent on all fours with your partner riding at your back. The truth be told, there are many other positions that straight people cannot even begin to fathom as the way the bodies of two men move in romantic rhythm is very different. Some are very easy and some require a lot of stamina and strength. Here are a few top positions that can drive your fun filled intimate nights to become more memorable than ever!

The Missionary

Not only reserved for straight couples, the missionary position is a favourite with many gay lovers. It is easy and yet very intimate. The look of love and care in the eyes of your gay partner when he comes with pleasure is a sight you will never miss in this position. Have your partner lie down on his back with his legs placed on the ground bent at the knees. You can then penetrate anally while kneeling in front of him, cuddle his legs and let your testicles rub against each other.

The Table Stand

Have your partner lie down at the edge of a table or a platform which is tall enough to reach your waist as you stand. His legs can either be held by you, one on each side of you, or he can prefer to lift them up in the air while spreading them. You then stand facing him and penetrate him while holding onto his legs, in whichever position they may be. If your partner finds it more pleasurable to raise his back and perch himself on the edge of the table, it can be bliss!

The Crouching Tiger

You really want your partner to have control when you try this position. You must kneel on the floor and bend a bit backwards so your penis is erect and inclined upwards. Have your partner sit on you facing away from you and have himself penetrated, grinding on you slowly at his own pace. The slow, deep thrusts will have your partner and you gasping for more!

The Chair Lift

Your partner can balance his hands on the floor and raise his legs onto the edge of a chair, where you can be seated if you like. This will expose his testicles and anus to you where you can start giving him an oral followed by a powerful anal! The position is difficult but insanely pleasurable!

Double Coverage

Your partner and you lie down on each other in opposite directions- that’s right, it’s the 69! You both can hold each other’s legs for a great grip and give orals to each other and you’re free to use your hands to explore each other and penetrate with passion! Also you can try positioning vibrators for that little extra.

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