Top 5 Sex Positions For Lesbian Lovers

Lesbian sex is a different “ball” game, I mean, clit game all together! There are quite a many positions that you can try to spice things up between the girls. Lesbians are willing to go all the way to the extremes to make their raunchy nights more interesting and memorable. With the help of sex toys like dildos, strap-ons, and vibrators, you can really up the game. These are a few classic yet majorly enjoyable lesbian lover sex positions that you must try with your sexy lady lovers. They are sure to thank you if you can carry out these positions of least difficulty in a very romantic ambience to their peak.

Classic Scissors

Lesbian lovers love this quintessential pose. Both the lovers must lie down in opposite directions side by side. Straddle one of her legs between yours and let your clits rub together. One partner’s hands will be free for a lot of other romantic cuddling and clasping and fingering while the other can grind up and down or move side to side while straddling.

Sexy Spider

Have your partner sit on you with her legs spread while you sit on a reclined chair. Have her straddle your pelvic bone and squeeze while you can penetrate her with your fingers, play with her clit and drive her crazy while she can send you to heaven and back with her fondling your breasts and waist.

Oral Pleasure

Lie on your back and have your legs spread apart. Ask your partner to kneel in front of you and give you an awesome oral, use her free hand to finger your clit, penetrate you or suck you through! This is how you will experience sheer pleasure. She can even have her breasts rub you down there! Also try giving her an oral while you use a vibrator at her clit for the most ultimate orgasm.

Strap-On Pleasure

You or your partner can use a strap on to enjoy some great penetrative sex, in the classic missionary style. You can have your partner’s breasts touch your nipples with every thrust. You can up your act by going anal with the strap on. Make sure you use enough protection if you plan to penetrate the vagina and anus one after the other.

Sitting Up Straight

Have your partner sit up in front of you at waist height on a table or a platform that is high enough. She can spread her legs apart enough. Then you bend down and give her a drive-me-crazy kind of oral. Also try to add another variation of pushing her back to lie down on the table but with her ass at the edge of the table and give her anilingus, which is a term for oral anal sex. She will enjoy both variations very much.

All throughout make sure that you use your free hand to keep your partner enjoying the ride while you enjoy her and make some memorable moves!

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