How to Put On a Tampon Without Hurting Yourself!

How to put on a tampon

Oh! My periods are here. They are early this time but, this time I thought I would try something different. You know what? I saw my friend using tampons. Of Course I knew about them but, hadn’t used them. So this time I decided to go for a tampon.

During those special days you have to be careful and see that you use the right sanitary napkin or a tampon. You also need to know how to use them. Here is how you use a tampon.

First wash your hands to be sure that your hands are clean. You don’t want to get any kind of infection.

Sit on the toilet and spread your legs far apart. Or what you can do alternatively is put one leg higher on the toilet seat.

Take the tampon out of the wrapper and hold it straight. At the mid-point of the tampon where the smaller tube meets the larger tube (sometimes it has ridges), hold it there between your thumb and middle finger. Place your pointed finger at the end of the applicator. The part of the string will come out; slowly insert the bigger half of the tampon in the vagina.

Bend a bit ahead so that it goes inside in a slope. You keep inserting till you hit the opening of your vagina.

Next use the index finger to push the thinner part of the applicator. Push it and let the thick and thin end of the applicator meet.

Now check the comfort level. If you wish to know how you are going to do that then hit the video….

Tell us if you learnt how to do it and share with us your experience.

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