Vaginal Smell – What It Says About Your Health

Weird things girls do with their vagina

Your lady flower is said to have a scent of its own. In fact depending on the time of the month, your physical activity levels, the foods you eat and the levels of sexual activity, this scent constantly evolves, which is a pretty good thing. Your vag will give you an insight on how healthy you are on the inside and is often compared to a self-clean mode. You know something is not right when your vag starts to smell bad. Here is a lowdown on the different aromas and smells of the vagina and its interpretations.

Vagina Smell

Something “Fishy”

If that’s how your junk smells, then it is an indication of something wrong. This smell will usually be followed by increased levels of vaginal discharge, probable itchiness, swelling and pain during urination to ring your alarm bells. Bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis may be the probable causes. The former being a bacterial infection is caused by a bacterial imbalance in the vagina and the latter is an STI that can both be cured with a course of prescription antibiotics. Also check with your doctor for the right diagnosis when you catch this scent for a yeast infection as well.

Yeasty or Bread-Like Scent

You possibly got yourself a yeast infection which will definitely be followed by thick yellowish, white vaginal discharge and itchiness. It has a faintly bread-like, musty scent that can set it apart from other infections.

Rotten Scent

Call your doctor when you experience such a rotten scent as if something died inside your vagina and rot there. It could mostly be a forgotten tampon or rarely, an infection caused by the lost treasure which you used during your last period. Your gynaec will find this common so don’t shy away from booking an appointment.

Sweaty or Musky Scent

If you tend to sweat a lot, or have an exercise routine that makes you sweat a lot, consider wearing breathable fabrics and change your clothes once you are done. Leaving your genital areas moist and wet for long are a welcome sign for bacteria and other infections to thrive. So its ok for your genitals to sweat too, but you can always combat that scent, its probably not a reason for you to be alarmed.

Metallic or Metal-Like Scents

This is how you generally smell down there after your period. It is also a normal scent that is experienced when your vagina comes in direct contact with semen say after a sexual encounter. It is somewhat sweet and yet metallic and nothing to get worried about. It might remind you of the smell of blood being mixed with the normal vag smell.

Just make sure that your vagina is not behaving abnormal in terms of secretions or the color of the secretory fluids or itchiness or swelling and in addition, these smells can help characterize your vaginal health, as the foods you eat also affect these smells.

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