What is a Thigh Gap and Exercises That Can Help You Achieve It

What is a thigh gap and exercise that can help you achieve it
What is a thigh gap and exercise that can help you achieve it

A thigh gap is a noticeable space between your inner thighs that gives the illusion of long legs, but is achievable when you have toned thighs. It is not humanely possible for every girl to have a thigh gap owing to genetics. Girls whose genes are more favorable to achieving the thigh gap can do so by following a long-term lifestyle change that includes diet and exercise.

Set realistic expectations- not every girl, however hard she may try, will be able to achieve this thigh gap. It depends on her genes too. Diet the healthy way: stack up on the healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich foods, whole grains and nuts and beans. Add super-foods like berries, oats, olive oil, parmesan cheese, eggs, kale, lentils etc. to add the boost to your efforts.

Exercise! When you watch TV, or when you are simply lying down, or during your dedicated gym time, exercise diligently. That way, you can complete your efforts towards achieving this thigh gap. Focus on aerobic exercises, butterfly stretches, pilates poses and leg lifts, inner thigh presses and bridge presses. Avoid exercises that bulk up your thighs.

Sitting Presses

Pull up a chair, sit down with your back straight and abs pulled in. Place a small squiggy object like a pillow or blanket between your knees and press the knees together. Hold that pose for few seconds and repeat 20 times.

Bridge Press

Lie down on your back, pull up your knees, let the feet lie flat on the floor, hip width apart. Place a soft object between the knees and lift the pelvis off the floor in a bridge position- shoulders and the back of the knees should be in a straight line- and squeeze tightly. Hold the pose and then lower your back. Repeat 20 times.

Leg Lifts

Lie down on your left with the head resting on your hand or perched up on the left hand at a slant. Bend the right knee and raise it above the left leg so that the right shin is resting on the floor. Now pick the left leg a few inches up slowly as you exhale and lower it on inhaling. Three sets of ten reps on each side should do the trick. Just keep the torso straight and move slowly for more effectiveness.

Butterfly Stretches

Sit down on the floor with the back straight and upright, pull your legs in towards the pelvis to get the soles of the feet together. Lower your thighs till they rest parallel to the ground. Hold this pose till 10 seconds. Hold your feet while you stretch and keep the movements slow and precise for greater results.

Aerobic exercise like walking, running, cycling, biking, swimming and dancing will slim down your legs. 30 minutes each day for 3 days a week is a good start. Avoid squats, lunges, leg curls and calf raises as they bulk up the legs.

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