Top 5, Must Try Sex Positions For Girls During Winter Season

Winter brings with it a lot of dryness, hot chocolate urges and an extra strong urge to stay in bed for as long as you can. As the nights become longer in winter, the urges to cuddle up with your teddy bear or partner become a necessity, under that soft blanket. The pleasure of staying put in that warm bed, in the arms of your partner and getting naughty under the sheets is undeniable. Keeping this in mind, you want to make sure that you try out these modified positions so that your sex life stays as warm and mushy as you’d like.

Hit the arrows and check the sex positions that you must try this inter  season.

Steamy Shower Stand

Wake up to each morning by hitting the shower straight instead of getting cosy in bed. Both of you can turn up the heat in the bathroom as you allow your bodies to touch and caress under the steamy shower. Then comes the part where you can go for two options: either get yourself backed up against a wall facing him and mount yourself onto him in a way that your legs straddle his hips and he has a good chance of penetration, or back up against the wall facing away from him and bend a little so he has a great backdoor entry or can go classic doggy style. Watch the steam work its magic!

Shower Sex Position


Shower Sex-Position Back

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