Girls, What is Anal Sex & How to Have It? How Does It Feel in Real Life? All Questions Answered Here

Sex can be enjoyed in various forms. Various people enjoy some forms and don’t enjoy some so much. Oral and vaginal sex is a very common form of sex and hence can be practiced with much pleasure. Anal sex though is a part of the gray area. Some claim to enjoy anal sex a lot and some seem to find it less pleasurable, whereas some can’t even bring themselves to think that they will try it out once

Anal sex is practiced by inserting an erect penis or object in the partner’s anus (the opening just behind the vagina, used by body to throw out poo). Some people find this sexual behavior very enjoyable if done right and others don’t, but this is a completely personal choice whether you would enjoy it or otherwise and can’t be judged by reviews others give. There is nothing wrong in engaging in anal sex and no one must pressurize you in engaging in it or otherwise.

How to Do Anal Sex?

What Is Anal Sex
What Is Anal Sex

For some it is the main attraction in a sexual encounter whereas for others it may be the cherry on top! Anal sex, if done right with the right amount of lubrication and a nice amount of patience and love, will send you through to the seventh heaven. Certain precautions are required when you plan your anal encounter as this part of your privates is not designed for penetration. Your partner and you need to have a good wash ‘down there’ and keep yourself calm and relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the better the penetration. Keep yourself light on food and poop or empty your bowels beforehand to avoid mishaps. Always use a condom for anal sex, whether it is a female or male condom, and whether you indulge in fingering, penile insertion or fisting.

When inserting the penis, stop if either of you feel resistance or pain. Apply some more lube and continue. If you wish to continue with the oral – anal sex version, make sure you and your partner wash up very well after the anal insertion before moving to oral sex or other penetration. There is an increased chance of contracting HIV during anal sex, as the anal lining is prone to tearing in the absence or lack of lube. Bacteria from the anus can cause STDs or even vaginal, oral and intestinal infections.

How Do Anal Sex Feels Like?

People claim to have different views about how it feels as each conception is unique: men tend to consider it as the holy grail as they enjoy the tightness of the anus, some women tell you how painful it is (mostly because they haven’t had it right!) and some women bask in its glory and enjoy the fullness that they feel as compared to vaginal sex. Many still prefer vaginal to anal, but if you go slow, use a lot of lube and start with smaller insertions like sex toys or fingers and work towards the penis, it will get better with each experience. Anal sex can be very pleasurable and fulfilling as a treat sometimes.

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