Kerala Rape Victim Jisha’s Story – Vagina Slashed And Abdominal Organs Were Pulled Out

Kerala rape victim was brutally murdered and sexually assaulted.

Jisha, a 30 year old law student from Ernakulam was raped and murdered at her house between 2p.m to on 28th April evening. She was brutally raped and murdered by the accused and she had a severe head injury. Her vagina was slashed several times and abdominal organs were pulled out. Before taking the last breath she was stabbed many times with a sharp object to ensure that she was dead. Her lifeless body was lying on the floor when her mother came back from work.

The brutal murder has similarities with the Delhi Nibhaya case where a 23-year-old woman was gang-raped and murdered. The incident received national attention and people were on the streets to express their outrage.

However, Jisha’s case, many regional channels were busy covering upcoming elections and five days passed but no action was taken. As the crime news spread people expressed their agitation on poor media coverage of the crime and accused officials of being slow to investigate the case. People slowly picked up the fire and took it on social media by the hashtag #JusticeForJisha. It was the seventh day of the crime that’s when Chief Minister Oommen Chandy visited Rajeshwari in the hospital.

Several questions and doubts raised eyebrows since the case was not only informed late but why the police were quite slow in nabbing the culprits. While some murder cases stirred national sensation in India whereas other rape and murder cases quickly wiped away with headlines after headlines. Why the delay in Jisha’s case or people were waiting to become another example of statistics that how many women get raped and murdered in India. Here are the things you should know about Jisha’s muder case:

  • Jisha belonged to poor family and she wanted to become an advocate. Hence, her mother sent her to the Law collage in Ernakulam.
  • Jisha lived with her mother in one room house. Her father had left the family several years ago and since then they two of them lived there.
  • Rajeshwari, Jisha’s mother told the reporters that she and her daughter had difficult neighbors who kept harassing them. The neighbors used to destroy their water pipes, throw stones into their house while men in their neighborhood threw sexual advances at Jisha.
  • Rajeshwari many times have tried to register police complaints about the harassment they were facing but no actions were ever taken by the police.
  • On the contrary, when the neighbors were interrogated they claimed that it was Rajeshwari who used to hurl stones if anyone tried to speak to her and that is why people did not come to her aid when she was trying to break the door of house on the night of the murder.
  • When media failed to cover the news, Jisha’s friends and teachers made the public aware of the gruesome murder.
  • The investigation is still going on and the police are waiting for the autopsy reports to confirm about the rape.

The story has many loose ends scattered here and there while Jisha’s murderer is on the run!

Sharing articles on social media is always a fun but this time it is not for the fun but for the Justice. Share this article so that every man and woman out there in this county should come to know what happened to Jisha and how both media and government was sluggish and irresponsible in performing their duties.

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